Cupertino City Official Warned Apple About Dangers of Glass 9 Months Ago


According to a new report from the San Francisco Chronical, Albert Salvador, a building official for the city of Cupertino, warned Apple about the dangers of using a lot of glass during a visit to Apple Park 9 months ago.

Salvador was concerned that some employees might end up walking or running right into the glass walls, which are integrated from floor to ceiling. During an interview with the publication, Salvador said:

“We did recognize that this is going to be an issue, especially when they clean the glass. When you clean the windows, you can’t even tell some of them are there.”

To highlight his point, Salvador discussed the topic with an Apple contractor, who walked into the glass wall himself. There have been a number of subsequent injuries that were reported to emergency services. 911 audio of one of the calls reveals that one victim was bleeding from their eyebrow after running into a window.

Prior to opening the campus, Apple Park architects Foster + Partners placed rectangular stickers on the cafeteria’s doors. After the incidents that happened in January, the company has placed these markers on other clear glass surfaces all around the campus. These stickers seem to be doing their job since no other injuries have been reported after the ones in January.


  • Mike

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • Why they don’t use Apple stickers, I am sure they have tons of them. 🙂

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  • Flash

    Wait…people call 911 for walking into a glass wall? Even if I cut myself from walking into a door, I wouldn’t ever think of calling 911…that’s ridiculous.

  • Olley

    people even call 911 when called fat. this generation of Hillary supporting snowflake fat acceptance liberals is super fragile. another reason why trump won.

  • Olivier

    Or perhaps it’s just Apple’s security protocol to call 911 whenever an employee is injured ?

  • FragilityG4

    Well they are in California…..

  • It’s Me

    People call 911 when they get the wrong order at McDonald’s.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Some people obviously walk faster than you. Try running into a brick wall without having your hands up to protect your face. Let me know how it went.

  • Bill___A

    Should have been basic common sense…..and yes, they should use Apple stickers. Any door handles should be in the shape of an Apple symbol,

  • Chrome262

    it is, lots of places do that, unless they are a hospital

  • Olley

    ahhh the cali, the state powered by vegan cupcakes and kale chip parties.

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    Bring back the California Diet.

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    It’s the law to involve 911 when someone bleed on a company’s property.

  • mcfilmmakers

    Hey dumbass, you’re the only one complaining SNOWFLAKE. Go somewhere where people care about your ignorance – like a conspiracy website or something.

  • BeaveVillage

    I can totally understand this. I walked into a glass door a few months ago, because it was so clean and spotless. I couldn’t believe I could not see it, but it was completely invisible. Fortunately the glass did NOT break, wow that would have been an expensive fix.