Cydia Creator Jay Freeman’s (saurik) TED Talk [Video]


Cydia was founded by Jay Freeman, better known as ‘saurik’ to the jailbreak community. His work with Cydia has resulted in the exponential growth of tweaks and 3rd party applications for iPhone users. Jay’s work has been so prolific he recently gave his thoughts at TEDxAmericanRiviera. His talk revolved around the notion that “even software should have screws”.

Apple has locked down iOS to preserve the user experience, but for jailbroken phones, the packages inside Cydia can feed your desire to customize and use various tweaks. Check out the video below of the “Godfather of Jailbreaking” in action (btw: I love his t-shirt):

What did you think of Jay’s talk?


  • Anonymous

    Don’t waste your time watching it… He says nothing useful, interesting, or groundbreaking. He seems quite behind on the times lol showing pics of flip (??!?!?!) phones and pimp my ride which got cancelled long ago. He only first mentions the iPhone at 6 minutes and only mentions jailbreaking at 10…
    Much respect for the guy, but a useless talk.

  • Yep, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop the whole talk, but it never happened! 🙂 He should take his own 90/10 advice and talk about phones 90% of the time, instead of cars! lol

  • Whooooooooo! That was boring! With the little he had to say this speech should have last a big 2 minutes. I respect the guy for what he did but he should focus on making Cydia faster… Could also stop complaining about apple close environment, he would probably still be a poor geek without it. He doesn’t like the way apple does things but copies the 70/30% for his cydia store!?! Even if I’m jailbroken I think apple is doing the right thing by keeping control. It’s ok for the vast majority. Jailbreaking is good for more adventurous or special needs

  • WASTE OF TIME. Dislike.

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