Cydia for Mac to Launch According to Saurik Within Weeks


If you have jailbroken your iPhone, then you’ve used the Cydia App Store. Jay “saurik” Freeman, the creator of Cydia recently gave a preview of an upcoming new store–Cydia for Mac.

Yes, you read that correctly. With over 10 million iOS devices have used Cydia and there are over 30,000 packages available. What is the purpose of Cydia for Mac? Yesterday I sent out a tweet to you all asking about Cydia for the Mac–yay or nay? A lot of you were as perplexed as I was. I can understand Cydia as a source for 3rd party apps for jailbroken iOS devices. But for Macs, they are not “locked down” per say to begin with.

As reported by TUAW:

Freeman felt that the same type of store would be useful for Mac OS X devices; the result is a Mac Cydia, which will be available “within weeks.” With today’s news that the Mac App Store will not support in-app purchases, something that is critical to the freemium app model that is so successful in the iOS world, a Mac Cydia might be just the web store for a number of Mac developers.

Developers who are interested in getting their products into Mac Cydia were told to contact an employee at patrick at for further details.

Cydia has been a success on iOS devices. Can the same be said when it launches for the Mac?


  • Jvanderhooft

    Interesting idea, given that it appears at least, that Apple is heading towards a fusion of the OSX desktop operating system and iOS. A preview of 10.7 showed the App store for applications that will be launched and used similarly to how iOS apps are. A trend foreshadowed as well by Google Chrome OS, which was “soft” released recently. Could we see the end of desktop OS’s in the next few years? Would be interesting…

  • It really is, especially after seeing a demo of the Google Chrome OS

  • Ari

    Uh Macupdate? Versiontracker? Just google it? Download source and compile it? There is no need for Cydia. If you want *nix command line software, there are several package managers already.

  • Edge

    I couldn’t agree more. This is just another cash grab from Freeman through ad revenue. Please devs, stay away from this!!! The Mac OS is open, so there is totally and completely no need for Cydia on the Mac. We don’t need more ad trackers watching us, or getting visually bombarded with ads. And yes, I have Cydia on my iPhone and iPad but that’s because they’re close systems. Cydia for the Mac is pretty much the most stupid thing I’ve heard this week!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind this at all. Doesn’t hurt having a choice.

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  • j2ching

    It’s just a facelift. It is exactly like dragging the Application folder on a Mac to the dock.

  • Is it out yet?! NO….

    It’s been 1-2 Years now. Surely this is a dead topic. There will never be a Cydia for Ma-… Hold on there.

    There has to be, can’t you just imagine theming your Mac and changing the Apple Menu logo, or volume icons/close/maximize buttons? Winterboard for Mac OS X? It can’t be impossible because nothing is impossible.

    I would always look for a way to customize my stuff, and I want to customize my Mac. Even if it means software piracy (sosumi)