Did You Know Steve Jobs Hated the Gym, Was Not A Communist But A Really Good Neighbor?


In a recent publication by LA Times, some interesting facts have been highlighted about Steve Jobs which most of us didn’t know before. Turns out, Steve’s high school GPA was merely 2.65 while he chose to take admission in Reed College for a few semesters before he eventually dropped out. He also avoided being a member of any party or organization, be it the Communist Party or the New York Athletic Club. Jobs was however known for being a good neighbor, who at his unadorned homes in Palo Alto and Woodside, Calif., often left his door unlocked and kept to himself.

Citing from the source:

Jobs also told agents he could think of nothing that could be used to blackmail him, was not a member of the Communist Party and did not belong to any organization that “espoused the overthrow of the government.”  

The one organization to which he did admit to belonging was the New York Athletic Club. But he was not a frequent attendee. Jobs told the FBI that he “had never been [there] and knew nothing with regard to their membership policies.”

As far as his exercise habits, however, one neighbor said Jobs “did a great deal of jogging.”

He was a “quiet and unassuming individual,” said a person who lived next door to him in 1991. She said Jobs had even “visited her last week to ensure some landscaping he was having done would not cause any problems.”

The more you read about Steve, the more you realize that the world’s most innovative man had a pretty complex personality. Isn’t it?


  • Anonymous

    “The more you read about Steve, the more you realize that the world’s
    most innovative man had a pretty complex personality. Isn’t it?”

    Uh… no. He is like anybody else on this planet earth (minus the fact that he owned Apple). We all have strange habit.

  • Walter Isaacson’s biography on Steve Jobs makes him out to look like a crazy person during his early years at Apple. ie Acid-dropping fruititarian hippie.

  • Anonymous

    And who cares? I’m sure the boss of your bank have strange stuff also in his life.
    And your neighbor.
    And some of your friends.
    And perhaps people in your family.

    The only difference with Steve Jobs and a lot of other person, is that he had the balls to do exactly what he wanted to do – and he had really nice results and we should all look at him and try to be like that -> Reach your goal and work hard, even if others think it’s “crazy”. But I don’t think his personality is “complex” vs anyone else.

  • cilias

    Who cares? Is there a feed that only lists posts that are relevant to iphone users? News that helps me in my use of my iphone? News about the next version of the iphone, iOS, etc? I don’t care about steve jobs, and I don’t care if there are new iphone ads. I’ve already got an iphone.
    Or maybe a better iphone blog for Canadians?

  • Cy

    I agree. I love the blog but I think there’s been too much Steve Jobs news lately.