Do You Take Your iPhone Into the Washroom?


Well, do you? If you do, you’re probably in the same boat as hundreds of thousands, if not millions of iPhone and iPod Touch users that take their devices with them into the washroom. Remember the days of grabbing that Archie book with you to “drop the kids off at the pool”, but now that has been usurped by Apple’s iPhone.

Are You Serious About Taking Your iPhone Into the Bathroom?!

Let me be the first to admit that my iPhone has accompanied me into bathroom trips. I know many of you out there have done the same thing too, and if you aren’t admitting it you’re lying. I know a whole bunch of Blackberry users probably do the same thing. This is something that people don’t really talk about, but we know it’s true. We just can’t put down our iPhones and electronic devices!


What has happened to us that we can’t leave our devices alone for an hour, or get disconnected? The problem is that we are online and connected to the interwebs more so than ever before. Beyond the World Wide Web, we now have Social Media addictions that are growing exponentially. Facebook. Twitter. Myspace. YouTube. You name it, people are hooked!

Disconnect Anxiety: It’s What You Suffer From When You Can’t Put Down Your iPhone

Picture the following activities: driving, sleeping, eating, cooking, hanging out with friends, riding your bike, etc. Of all those activities I’ve named, how many times have you whipped out your iPhone to check email, send text messages, read never ending RSS feeds, or check Facebook? If you answered YES just once, you could be suffering from Disconnect Anxiety.

Here’s the definition:

Disconnect Anxiety refers to various feelings of disorientation and nervousness experienced when a person is
deprived of Internet or wireless access for a period of time.

Disconnect Anxiety was termed by the Solutions Research Group in one of their previous studies. They identified four reasons why people feel anxious when disconnected. Disconnect Anxiety is related to one or more of the following factors:

If disconnected, I will…

Safety: not be able to respond to an emergency
Work: miss important information (and promotion)
Social: miss the party
Navigation: get lost/unable to find my way

Throughout your day, think about where your iPhone is located at all times. Is it within arm’s reach? Is it charging in the Apple Dock next to your bedside table? If it is, it’s probably one of the last things you touch before bed, and the first thing you touch when you wake up, before even brushing your teeth or showering. Boom–Disconnect Anxiety has a new victim!

I may be generalizing in this post, but one thing remains true: we are all addicted to our iPhones (and any other cellphone). Information is flowing fast and furious, and we feel that if we’re not keeping up then you’re falling behind. It’s to the point where you take your iPhone into the washroom with you!

So let me ask this again…and be truthful in your answers: do you take your iPhone into the washroom with you?

If you do, then you might need one of these–oh, and please don’t forget to wash your hands:


Thanks to Mason for the inspiration on this post!

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  • montymon

    Washroom yes, work no. LOL

    I am not allowed to take my iPhone [or any other cell phone, PDA, bluetooth or recording media] into my workplace. I guess that's conditioned me to be less addicted.

  • m1ndgam3z

    Washroom, yes. I play games on the toilet on those days where the logs are getting big lol

  • tazCorp

    Yessss i do!!!!

  • CMfly

    Wash your hands… How do you wash your iPhone which you will later be holding up to your face? I never take my iPhone to the bathroom with me or at least never take it out of my pocket in there. I once heard someone typing away on their blackberry in a washroom and have since never touched someone Else's phone.. Just nasty…

  • reyt

    Washroom? You bet ya! “Multitasking” if you may. Last thing I look at at night and first to greet me in the morning.

  • bringer666

    Yes, I always take my iPhone into the bathroom. I used to take my Palm into the washroom for years before as well. I usually read a book or play a game although I admit I sometimes check my email as well.

  • kensmartz

    It's not that I take my iPhone to the bathroom, I just don't take it out of my pocket beforehand. I don't use it in the bathroom though it has rung a few times while sitting there. Once I was sitting and when I stood up my pager went off, vibrating like mad. I tried to grab it to silence it but it fell from its clip and into the toilet.

  • Chris

    Hell ya! It's the perfect place to get caught up on the happenings here at iPhoneincanada!

  • djelimon


    before I clean up I holster it, then wipe, then wash my hands. Not much different than reading the newspaper.

    I also plug it in to recharge and put it on after getting dressed. But I go whole hours without using it (often when at work doing my job as a web developer, so, hmmmm…)

  • Sensible

    Yeah what the heck is wrong with you people – do you wipe your ass FIRST and then use your phone???!

    NO… you walk in – sit down – use your phone while you sit – set it aside or in your pocket – then do you business and WASH YOUR HANDS! I don't see the problem here if you use your head.

    Regardless, I wipe everything in my office down (including my iPhone) periodically with disinfectant wipes these days…

  • edlau

    Some of the most productive times I've ever had were on the can with my iPhone or (at home) with my laptop.

  • Yes, I take it to the washroom mainly because it stays on my hip most of the time. I usually grab a stall and catch up on twitter or a tech blog while sitting on the throne…

    Was that TMI? 🙂

  • scat19

    While pinchin' a deuce there is no harm in a little gaming

  • Lol

  • Lol

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