‘DriveHER’ Ride Sharing App for Women Coming Soon to Toronto


DriveHER, a new ride sharing app that pairs female drivers with female passengers in order to ensure the security of women, is set to launch this Friday in Toronto. In an interview with CP24, DriveHER founder Aisha Addo shared the details of the ride sharing program, saying that it’s “something women have been speaking about for a very long time and we listened”.

Driver her

Having worked as an accountant in the social work industry and non-profit sector for the past 8 years, Addo said she wanted to take her experience of working with women to her new project. “I think with my experience with working with women, even with working with young girls, this was something that I heard all the time and just really being able to provide that for them is amazing,” she said.

Addo revealed that she got the idea of DriveHER after she experienced an uncomfortable situation while using a ride-sharing application.

“Not everybody gets the oppourtunity to actually get out of that situation,” she said. “Personally, I’ve had a scenario where I ended up having to call a friend to stay on the phone with me because we were on the highway and cannot really hop off the highway.”

“It actually really got me thinking that what about the people who never really get the oppourtunity, what about the people who maybe don’t have anyone to call or may be a bit tired – that’s where DriveHER comes in to create an alternative to what’s already out there and provide the chance for women to actually go from point A to point B just having peace of mind.”

She highlighted that safety is her company’s main priority, and that passengers will never have to worry about surge pricing. To learn more about DriveHER, visit the official website at this link.


  • Gender discrimination. I see a lawsuit coming!

  • I think the PR department might want to get that name changed. It sounds kinda rapey!

  • Sagar Shingala

    Definitely gender discrimination…. I also see a lawsuit coming sooner rather than later.

  • geekyaleks

    RIDICULOUS… I can see that being a “problem” in some third world countries, or the middle east – Canada?? WTF?

  • BeaveVillage

    Women driving with women so they can talk about boys, shopping, boys, work, boys, bank accounts, boys, bikini and clothing, and boys.

    Why not just ride with a boy?

  • Olley

    This is a mobile cry room for Hillary supporters.

  • Zeke Zehr

    Perfect. About time. Now male drivers don’t have to work in fear of a false sexual assault allegation driving a single female passenger. This app does more to protect men then protecting women.

  • This isn’t equality.
    Heh 😛

  • You NAILED it!

  • Thats what she said…

  • Hmm

    Bet some guy apply to be a driver will claim to identify as female, cause you know, gender identity is a thing too

  • Tim

    I don’t see the big deal. If if makes women feel safe, all the power to them.

  • Hondanazi

    Let’s launch a men’s driving service that drives only men and watch the feminists freak out and sue!