Drone Deliveries in Canada Could Launch by End of 2017 [VIDEO]


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Transport Canada has approved its first drone test range near Foremost, Alberta, which should help Drone Delivery Canada in launching its robotic cargo service as soon as late 2017, joining the likes of France and the UK who already have operational courier drone services. According to Engadget, a range of nearly 927 square miles will help DDC “prove that its drones can haul goods across long distances using satellite guidance”.

Tests with the company’s early partners should start sometime in the first quarter of the year. The drone delivery system could be more important for Canada than it would be for other nations. Like in other countries, DDC will help both government and corporate clients deliver packages both to each other and to customers (say, from online stores).

However, the firm is particularly focused on serving Canada’s northern communities, where roads are few and even modestly-sized towns may be very far away. 

The service could be used to supply small sized towns and communities with medical supplies and other goods on demand, rather than making them wait for the next scheduled cargo flight or truck. That could not only save lives, but improve the quality of life for the residents of such areas, as they frequently have to deal with food shortages and other supply problems.

Check out the following video explaining how DDC works, and share your thoughts with us in the comments section:


  • Michel Plante

    I’m totally against drones because of flying dangers and more now that it’s gonna steal jobs ????????????

  • Flying dangers: this is why they are doing tests to make sure the technology is safe, before general use. Also I’m sure people said the same thing when they invented: the car, the planes, the helicopters. As for the jobs, this is just a shift in jobs, you still need people to build, program, maintain et develop these drones.

    This will especially boost northern communities, since they don’t the infrastructure the city dwellers have to allow efficient deliveries.

  • Michel Plante

    yeah but not everybody is a tech geek …