E3: Microsoft Unveils “SmartGlass” Xbox Remote Control App For iOS & Android [VIDEO]


Yesterday at E3 event presentation, Microsoft unveiled a brand new “SmartGlass” application that links its Xbox 360 gaming console to mobile devices powered by Windows, Android as well as iOS devices (via Reuters Canada). The app lets users remotely control Xbox 360 connected TV displays from touchscreen enabled devices with support for swiping, pinching and tapping gestures. In addition, the SmartGlass also allows viewers to see companion content from TV to games, on the smaller screen e.g someone watching “Game of Thrones” on the HBO GO via Xbox could simultaneously browse websites on his mobile or tablet about the show’s cast.

For Xbox gaming features, Microsoft has however only mentioned support for Windows powered devices.

Microsoft announced ahead of the E3 conference a new software application called “SmartGlass,” which can be downloaded on Windows phones and Windows 8 tablets, as well as devices powered by rivals such as Apple Inc’s iOS and Google Inc’s Android operating systems… For TV, someone watching “Game of Thrones” on the “HBO GO” streaming service via Xbox could simultaneously browse websites about the show’s cast.

The SmartGlass app will be launching sometime before the end of the year


  • Jon

    You write a phrase about support only for Windows devices with a quote clearly stating support for ALL devices. It was made crystal clear that Android and iOS are supported.

    You fail to mention that it is a two-way service. It can show things from your tablet onto the TV. Also, it can do everything the Wii U can do, with multi-touch.

  • Ari

    Re-read it again. MSFT only mentions “GAMING” support on “WINDOWS” devices whereas the demo was about smart glass interactivity with “VIDEO”.

  • Kwb

    Who cares