Everything You Want to Know About Steve Jobs


Want to know more (this is an understatement) about Apple CEO Steve Jobs? Check out the following site, I don’t know if I should be creeped out, or impressed with the amount of info about Steve Jobs that’s available.

The picture that has been making the rounds is Steve Jobs’ office, taken in 2004 by famed Whitehouse photographer, Diane Walker. Steve is sitting at his desk at home in Palo Alto:

It’s a very comprehensive look inside Apple’s visionary master. Check it out.

[ via Cult of Mac, Geohot]


  • Megavidiot

    based on the timeline shots of his face, that dude does not look healthy, you’d think he could afford a nutritionist and personal trainer, jeez…

  • He had pancreatic cancer and a liver transplant. That would explain the
    weight loss.

  • Nick

    That site could really use some proofreading, this would never fly on wikipedia:

    It was at Reed that Steve started experimenting with Eastern mysticism. He delved into weird books and came to believe that if he ate only fruits, for example, he would eliminate all mucus and nten yearsa decade later, when he was a multi-millionaire). He tried LSDs, and became part of the whole hippie movement, although it already belonged to the past back then (he was a decade late).

  • Dave

    to be honest I feel sorry for him! i really hope everything is ok with him. he had cancer and some other stuff!. and we had to admit this guy has accomplished a lot he is really one of a kind. I mean he did things at his 20’s that not one in a million cold do. so I have respect for his accomplishments.