Facebook Launches Standalone Messenger for Web Browsers


Facebook Messenger today has launched a new standalone version of the messaging app for web browsers over at This responsive website allows users to chat and use Messenger in a focused, unified interface that looks much cleaner than accessing via

Screenshot 2015 04 08 11 46 03

As you can see from the design below, the web browser design borrows cues from Messenger from iOS. Depending on how you size and resize your web browser, the responsive design adjusts to give you an optimized view:

Screenshot 2015 04 08 11 55 22

Screenshot 2015 04 08 11 55 08

Why launch a standalone version of Messenger for web browsers? According to a Facebook spokesperson, this new version for the web is for people who want to message without distractions of Facebook, such as your Newsfeed, so users can “keep messaging as the focus”, in a statement to Re/code.

Last month Facebook Messenger for iOS was updated with third party app support, to allow new features such as the sending of animated GIFs and more (it’s what I was testing out in the screenshots above).

Let us know if you’ll be checking out for messages or sticking with regular Facebook on the web.


  • William Kappel

    This is great. I have been trying alternatives to texting for quite some time now, having completely cancelled my cell account late last year. Fongo is good, but it is also still not 100% reliable. Hangouts has proven to be the best alternative so far, but messenger seems just as interesting, though the requirement to go to facebook . com to access it on the computer was a HUGE put off for me. In other words this was made with people like me in mind, so naturally I am very happy about this lol.

    Now all that remains to find is a better calling experience. I still need to test Tango and ooVoo, but otherwise Hangouts is TERRIBLE for voice/video (horrendous quality) and while Facetime provides excellent quality, it is restricted to Apple devices (of which I am about to sell my last remaining one). Skype is decent, but also far from perfect. I’m eager to try placing a call through Facebook Messenger, something I only recently found out was possible.