Factory Workers Riot At Foxconn’s iPhone Display Manufacturing Facility


According to a report published by BGR (via Want China Times), a riot involving hundreds of workers broke out at Foxconn’s Chengdu factory on Monday that produces iPhone’s LCDs, further confirming that working conditions at Apple’s largest iPhone and iPad manufacturing facilities haven’t improved yet. The incident occurred on Monday night after an unknown number of employees who supposedly had grudges against Foxconn, hindered two company security guards from apprehending a thief. Foxconn security guards were forced to call the police, who arrived at the scene by the hundreds.

Detailing from the source:

A “minor incident” at a Foxconn factory in Chengdu, China sparked a riot on Monday as a number of workers attacked company security guards. Despite Apple’s efforts to improve conditions in it’s partners’ factories, workers are still displeased. Following an incident involving a theft in a factory dormitory, some employees with grudges against the security guards jumped at the chance to retaliate. The event soon escalated, with more than a thousand workers joining in by throwing trash cans and destroying facilities.

The riot lasted for two hours and dozens of workers were reportedly arrested.


  • FragilityG4

    Bring the work back to North America … Lots of people here that will work for reduced wages …

  • Ha. Is this where the “iPhone 5” part came from that eTrade Supply “acquired” ? 😉

  • Maybe!

  • Dunny

    People may work for reduced wages, but the government wouldn’t allow it. 

  • Anon

    Multiple suicides and now rioting.  What next?

  • Jer

    Apple needs to build manufacturing plants in the US, even if it meant higher cost to manufacturing. Its not right to treat human life in the name of profit. If apple continues to do business in this manner im no longer supporting their products.

  • Governments don’t care about you or me, only one thing – getting re-elected at all cost.

    As long as they strike a “deal” with the corporations, they will do whatever it takes to convince the public they’re bringing jobs back here and improving the employment, even if that includes reducing manufacturing wages.

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  • az

    It’s not just about the low wages anyone, unfortunately North America is falling behind on manufacturing skills and capability/capacity as well. Listen to what Tim Cook says:
    Mossberg’s question is at 4:35, and relevant bit of Cook’s answer is at 6:25.

  • then you better stop supporting every electronics manufacturer, who by the way have a worse record than Apple when it comes to respecting human life.  I am not saying what Apple is doing is right or wrong but do they have the lead in this regard.

  • I agree that North America is falling behind on manufacturing skills but in large part we have governments and corporations to blame for that.  Canada & USA have been seriously lagging in providing a solid education system to train people for high-skill, well-paying jobs required for the manufacturing sector.  Nevermind the fact that corporations don’t want to pay $25 an hour plus benefits. 

    Serious investments in education will need to be made to train people for these types of positions and it’ll take at least a decade (if not more) before we can set up the manufacturing infrastructure required to be competitive with China.

  • Its not just about production costs, the rest of the manufacturing is there, in fact everything is there for all of Apple’s products and lots of other companies. So unless all of the manufacturing is done here, or in Mexico like in the old days, its not going to happen (and raw material processing as well). Transportation costs alone would be to high. Yes we should be doing this all in North America, but Apple and the rest of the big companies are just following where the raw products are. One thing as well, if Asia falls as Europe might do, then we are screwed.