Features Coming Soon in iOS 4.2 for iPhone


With iOS 4.2 Beta 1 released to developers, there has been a lot of new feature discoveries for the iPad–but what about the iPhone? Well, look no further because some new features are coming your way, as discovered by Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac.

Here is a list of what’s upcoming in iOS 4.2 for iPhone:

  • You can now assign individual text message tones for contacts (what about NEW tones, Apple?!)
  • More ways to control sound preferences. You can use the volume buttons to ringer/alert volume.
  • FaceTime button shortcut now appears within SMS chats.
  • There is an updated Voice Memo icon.
  • Installing/Deleting Apps now is included within Restrictions.
  • Like/Dislike buttons within YouTube.
  • Find text within pages in Safari.
  • Alerts/notifications have a new silvery shadow.

The features that matter to me out of that list are the individual SMS tones for contacts, FaceTime shortcut button (I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a FaceTime chat), and the Find Text within Safari capability.

It’s been three years since the iPhone first debuted and I’m still wondering when Apple will introduce some new SMS tones already. Yes, I know I can jailbreak and change them up, but for the average person, how many times have you subconsciously checked your iPhone after hearing your “tone” go off nearby? I’ve done it many times.

The find on page is an awesome feature, that will surely make browsing web pages on the iPhone even easier. Searching for that keyword will now be instant, whereas it was quite the chore. I’m looking forward to even more features being discovered in iOS 4.2–maybe the black keyboard like on the iPad?

What do you think is the most important feature in iOS 4.2?



  • Assumes

    I think it will be great. I like that you’ll be able to assign a text tone to someone but I would really like to see new tones or creating your own without a jailbreak.

  • Roger

    I just wish we could get extensions for Safari on iOS, so that I could use Safari AdBlock on Mobile Safari 🙁

  • Jaye

    How about a fix for the iphone4 camera flash that gives people in the pictures “white eye”!!!!!???
    Apple please fix that!!

  • Sally68

    What about erase the call log one by one ?

  • Benoitgdpr

    Does the custom SMS tones also includes custom email tones assigned to contacts or groups ?

  • OddyOh

    I wish FaceTime actually worked, and that we could make our own sounds…that’s the only thing I miss from my BlackBerry.

  • Anonymous

    I just want my jailbreak. Shipped with 4.0.2.

  • i think the Camera Flash, White eye issue is the Flash itself. im not so sure software can fix the physical Brightness reflecting off peoples eyes. But who knows, Apple may have an Ace in their pockets lol

  • i still had hoped that iPhones 4.2 would have the Rotatable SpringBoard just like iPads 4.2 😛
    so far no such luck.

  • roadcarver

    -Some folks don’t like the fast app switching. Apple should allow for an option to enable or disable it.
    -Allow for apps like LockInfo to be part of the appstore.
    -So far I have lived without JB to date, but I miss my lockinfo app.

  • Jaye

    you may be right in that a software may not fix it…..but i’m “hoping”!! hehe
    its just too bad the first iphone with a camera flash ruins the subjects eyes in most photos :S

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t they fix the problem with hooking up ALL iphones on iOS4 to your car stereo via USB? I have a Pioneer deck and I have to reboot my phone weekly with it plugged into the stereo so it’ll work properly. All receivers have this issue, including built in CD changers with cars like BMW, Mercedes, Honda etc. Apple you suck.

  • Where is the Pages editing for iPhone? I find it fascinating that Apple seems to concede the field to Microsoft in this area by forcing us to convert Pages files to Word so we can edit them with Documents to Go or Quick Office. And then there’s the lack of a iPhone Calendar week view issue. I had a lovely weekview on my old Treo thanks to DateBk. I could drag events around and everything.


  • Nick

    Cool… But I’m still on 4.0 keeping it jailbroken. Any idea how soon the jailbreak for 4.1 will come out? Initially it looked like it would be fairly quick but now not a lot seems to have happened.

  • Asdfds

    mee toooooooooo i want JB for 4.1!!!!

  • BM

    Stop cheating on your partner and you will not have to erase individual calls from the log

  • Jbohn

    +1 to the new SMS tones (why can’t we use our own?). And I would like to be able to set separate new mail alert tones for different email accounts. That way I’d be able to hear which account got email instead of having to get the phone, unlock it and open the Mail app. Blackberry is leaps and bounds better in the sound alerts department!

  • Guest

    Really? That’s the ONLY reason why you’d want that? Get your mind out of the gutter and try to figure out some other reasons.

  • Anonymous

    The top essential features are non-modal alerts, assign ringtones to SMS, assign ringtones to alarms, assign contacts as DESTINATION for appointments and call phone #s in appointment name/location.

    Stratengely I didn’t notice those on the list of new features. I guess the Palm Treō isn’t one of the devices Apple considers worth catching up with.

  • Chrome262

    Its got to be more then like and dislike for youtube. where is the support for HQ on 3g?

  • Delta

    What Pioneer do you have? I have DEH P6100 BT and havent had a single issue with USB or bluetooth.

  • Chrome262

    Actually any phone is ahead on sound alerts, razor can do what you described.

  • Chrome262

    if it ends up being a bootrom level hack, then it won’t matter if you upgrade or not.

  • Chrome262

    Whats wrong with your face time, mine works great, i just want skype support for it?

  • Chrome262

    Maybe you should not have the phone right in their face lol, never get white eyes, other colors but never white lol

  • I do, but only with my cat, but that’s natural lol. I have never got
    white eyes in any of my pictures either. Maybe this guys following
    celebrities around slamming his iPhone cam in their faces lol who
    knows lol

  • Anonymous


    Lots of people have problems, lots done. But hardly anyone did before upgrading to iOS4. I never had one single issue in over a year of use until I upgraded to iOS4. If you google around you’ll find it’s not just Pioneer, it’s every single company/car manufacturer that uses USB/blutooth connections. It’s apple’s fault, and they haven’t even acknowledged it. Thankfully if you leave your phone plugged in a reboot it while connected via USB it seems to solve the problem for most people. I’m glad it does for me, otherwise I’d be going back to iOS3

  • Djpech

    Enable the ability to turn off – SHAKE TO UNDO!!!

  • Ari


  • Ronni

    what about notifications for missed calls? this is basic.

  • Anonymous

    Not quite sure what you mean…. As you currently get 2 notifications of a missed call.
    The popup bubble that appears on the lock screen indicating the name/phone# of the caller. And then the Phone app has a red dot with a number on it indicating the amount of missed calls…

  • Captorian

    AirPrint will be a welcome addition for me.

    They are all bad except the first one,
    and so many kids in my school have iPhones 🙁

  • Sporadik Styles

    Finally they’re adding find for safari! Wondered why it hasn’t been there the last 2 years. Hopefully they update the YouTube app and didn’t just add the like/dislike feature. Since July I’ve been loving the updated mobile site which is snappier and better quality. Another thing they need is allowing exterior buttons to snap photos and videos. As much as I love the iPhone 4’s picture and video quality the shakiness in HDR and video needs to be improved.

  • BaDOAN

    I want new tones or the ability to add add new tones. Charge me a ridiculous price in iTunes or something. I don’t care.

    And need the ability to SMS bubble colors and wallpaper !!!!

  • Tigger59

    Will these apps / updates (except of course for FaceTime) be avaialble for the iPhone 3G or 3GS because I’ll probably STILL not have an iPhone 4 when OS 4.2 is released.

  • Turtle

    I loooooooooooooove the SMS tone 🙂

  • Mortys11

    How about the ability to attach a file to an email???

    How about better notifications that you can actually hear and see and ability to personalize???

    It’s 2010

  • HRead

    Garageband allows you to create Tones that then load through iTunes

  • sammy

    will the iphone 4 be able to facetime over 3g for the new 4.2 software i hope so somebody please let me know or apple let me know i really would love this …….

  • Hoping they fix the IOS 4.1 car audio issues they introduced.