‘Find my iPhone’ Helps Victoria Police Track Down Surprised Jacket Thief


The Victoria Police Department credits the quick thinking of a robbery victim and Apple’s Find my iPhone app as reasons why a thief was easily caught red handed with stolen goods.

Officers were called to the 1400-block of Denman Street early Sunday morning on a report of a break and enter.  When officers arrived and spoke to the victim they found out he was missing several high-end jackets as well as his new iPhone 5. Luckily for the man, he had installed the ‘Find my iPhone’ app.

Using Find my iPhone, officers and the victim tracked the suspected thief to the are of Yates and Blanshard in the heart of downtown, where they found a 39-year old Christopher Nelson of Victoria wearing a stolen jacket—with the iPhone inside one of its pockets. He was charged with break and enter and possession of stolen property under $5000.

Inspector Brian Fox said in a statement “Technological advancements like the “Find My iPhone” app can help property owners locate missing or stolen items,” but went on to reiterate “However, we strongly recommend that people phone our non-emergency line (250-995-7654) if they have information relating to their stolen property, rather than confronting potential thieves on their own.”

Back in July, the Victoria Police also used Find my iPhone to help recover $4,000 in stolen camera equipment.


  • ckyaker

    For waht its worth, if you buy an iPad directly from Apple online, you also get free laser engraving on the back. I had ours engraved with my driver license and cell number if lost or stolen. It you combine this with Find My iPhone app in IOS7, you may make it worthless to a thief by making it hard to use it or resell it, except for parts…

  • Chrome262

    Well with activation on phones not tied to Apple Id that should help. Not sure if its the same for iPads.