Fingerprint Scanners Compared: iPhone 5S vs Galaxy S5 [VIDEO]


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Back in February, Samsung announced their new flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which unsurprisingly also contained a fingerprint scanner, following in the footsteps of Apple’s iPhone 5s.

If you’re curious about how Apple’s Touch ID in the iPhone 5s compares to the fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S5, check out the video below sent in via Tanner Marsh from YouTube channel iCrackUriDevice:

Touch ID in the iPhone 5s looks to have the upper hand since it works in any orientation, unlike the Galaxy S5’s fingerprint scanner which requires one direction swipe across the button.

Which fingerprint scanner implementation do you think is better?


  • Cedric

    Lol… The iphone 5s is great with touch id…
    The old… Atrix 4G is lol better than the S5 too !
    I will not buy this device for sure…
    and touchwiz and all others things is bad for me too !

  • FragilityG4

    The S5’s fingerprint scanner seems like it sucks.

  • ohsamsungjustplease

    get ready for their next big things in 2-3 months.
    Samsung Galaxy S5 Part 2
    Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom
    Samsung Galaxy S5 Mega
    Samsung Galaxy S5 Active
    Samsung Galaxy S5C
    Samsung Galaxy S5 JustAnotherVersionButWhatever

  • DickGrayson

    “Samsung Galaxy S5 JustAnotherVersionButWhatever” LOL

  • Chrome262

    I can’t believe they are trying to even copy the name at this point, 5S, S5 crazy.

  • Ari

    LOL. You have to swipe straight down and in the middle of the button? How convenient. NOT.

  • hahahano

    coincidence? i think not.

  • aaloo

    I seriously feel sorry for folks who would buy the galaxy S5 because it has a finger print scanner.

  • Brandon

    why would someone with an android device ever use a fingerpring scanner to unlock thier phone? they have liek 57 other options lmfao fingerpring being by far the worst… and this video is impractical because really who is dumb enough to swipe outside of the guidelines lmfao… thats like my putting my finger on the speakers on my iphone and being like WHY U NO WORK TOUCH ID

  • Chrome262

    Apple should get together with the, what, 5?, companies who are sueing Samsung for similar issues. HTC is one, LG not sure but I know they had issue with some patients on Samsungs washer.

  • Chrome262

    The point in the video is that the guides are very unforgiving, and one handed you would have to use the sides of your thumb and it won’t support that. It also makes it hard if you have small fingers. I agree, if for unlocking, but for an alternative and fast method for identification for payments and the like its would be something someone would want to use. The issue is they used a quick off the shelf scanner (like the ones in the old think pads) and didn’t really put much effort in its implementations. Kind of half-assed.