First iPhone 4 Camper on Video: Canada Next?


The US started their iPhone 4 pre-orders on Tuesday that ended with over 600,000 sales. We all know about how eager people are to be the first to buy an iPhone 4, but one Apple fan is taking his desire to the limit (and beyond).

Enter stage left, Justin Wagoner, who has already started camping outside the Knox Street Apple Store in Dallas. Mr. Wagoner is determined to last 6 days till the iPhone 4 launch. To be quite honest, I think Justin needs to give his head a shake or take up a hobby.

Check out the following video interview:

When will we see the first iPhone 4 camper in Canada? It might take a while as the release date for the iPhone 4 in Canada remains to be announced.

Would you camp out for more than a day to get your hands on Apple products? Or is that just taking it one step too far?



  • Half_Pint

    Justin BANDwagoner.

  • Hehe. Maybe I should start a similar trend in Canada at my local Apple Store when the iPhone 4 launch date is revealed. Just load up on dehydrated NASA space meals, a flat of water and I'd be SET! 😉

  • Wuju

    Too far into the stratosphere….

  • Sam

    If this is the typical Apple consumer please cancel my iPhone order.

  • Matt K

    I love how he impresses the car-load of women with his tale of why he's camping out!

    Stab in the dark here….single….mom's basement….etc.

  • Dave

    What? If I am not mistaken, wasn't the release pushed back to sometime in July?
    Or is that just for the preorders to ship?

  • Ex


  • The longest I would camp out would be overnight… going this early is way over the edge.

  • rorypiper

    It would be great publicity for the blog! I'll join you! ;p

  • Ex

    So I should see you both in downtown Vancouver soon? Hopefully it
    doesn't rain. lol!

  • Gtasscarlo

    Hahah this is beyond apple fan boy, I love how the chicks where askin what u were doing and he just proved that he's a geek and not intersted in getting action

  • Xaroc

    I am a very big apple fan boy, but I think camping out is to far for anything.
    I admire peoples commitment, and dedication that do this, but I have things to do you know?
    I personally will be waiting a month or 2 before buying one, that way I can read first hand ofnthe goods n bads.
    Posible bugs to be addressed? Who knows. Also I just got my iPad, I'm happy with it for a little longer until my thirst for another toy comes back with a mighty vengeance.

  • Rik

    wow is he Forrest Gump? My Moma Steve said i had to camp out to get Iphone

  • chantellejoy

    Cross-National! I'll do it in Toronto! 😉

  • Jvanderhooft

    there was definitely a dude asking the questions from the car, and my favorite part was how he dismissed the question about it being a 4G by turning away and making it a snide comment. APPLE CULT!!! THIS GUY!

  • Ex


    Okay! Vancouverites, let's meet downtown TONIGHT and wait in front of
    the Apple Store!

  • xxJDxx

    Maybe if we all start camping now apple will get the message about the delayed launch in canada…

  • gtasscarlo

    ill post the video on youtube haha

  • Xaroc

    Steal all the mannequins from the local clothing stores, set them all up as if they were waiting in line.
    Dress them up as members of Google and Microsoft lol. have one of the Mannequins from Gap Kids in a pose of taking a Hammer to his Zune. lol

  • Bubagump

    Yes this is only apple consumer. like you…lol

  • Bubbagump

    Stupid is what stupid does