Future Shop Boxing Day Sale: All iPods on Sale!


Future Shop’s Boxing Day sale is now live. All iPods are on sale both in store and online. Typically sales are very rare on iPods, so even though the savings are small, it’s still a great time to buy that late Christmas present!

Here are the sale prices:

8 GB iPod Touch 3rd Generation (door crasher): $179.99 (save $30)

8 GB iPod Touch 4th Generation: $229.99 (save $20)
32 GB iPod Touch 4th Generation: $289.99 (save $30)
64 GB iPod Touch 4th Generation: $389.99 (save $40)

iPod nanos on sale, various colours:

8 GB 6th Generation iPod nano: $149.99 (save $10)
16 GB 6th Generation iPod nano: $183.99 (save $6)

Click here to check out the sale.


  • TheDonkey

    I’m not sure about the other iPod’s, but the 32GB touch costs the same at Future Shop and Best Buy for Boxing day. In case you have gift cards to spend at one or the other (as I do)

  • Anonymous

    Who would buy a 2nd gen iPod touch? no one. case solved.

  • Jeremy

    They are also on sale at The Source. My mom just picked up a nano for $149. They only had 1 orange and several pink left in 8GB, she took the pink. They also had some of the previous generation in 16GB.