Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Fingerprint Scanner Setup Looks Awfully Familiar [VIDEO]


Samsung introduced a new touch-based fingerprint scanner in their new Galaxy S6 and S6 edge smartphones, ditching the inconsistent swipe scanner found in the Galaxy S5.

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Check out the Galaxy S6’s setup below (in particular the fingerprint part), as shown in a hands-on video by Phandroidit might look kind of familiar…(with some added clunky steps thrown into the mix):

Apple’s Touch ID setup process below:

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. What happens if you forget your Galaxy S6 backup password?

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  • roy

    samsung is such a copycat i hate samsung they suck!!!!

  • The Tech Truth

    Well technically by your logic Apple shouldn’t have made a bigger iPhone they copied Samsung.

  • Martin

    Big screen vs technology… you must be an idiot to say screen size copy is same is technology behind finger print scanner copy…

  • roy

    yeah people we asking for bigger phones from apple, they didnt ever wanna go bigger!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sapporo

    Apple innovates you moron, making screen size bigger does not require Einstein thinking… bigger screen is not innovation.

  • roy

    but they value there customers!

  • roy

    thats right Martin

  • K4

    The question is not why it’s familiar, it’s why wouldn’t it be familiar. 🙂

  • Oh snap!

  • Wall Man

    Not sure what those clunky steps are. User didn’t adjust their thumb to get the proper coverage? You have to do that with Apple. The Samsung seems to require a more robust password as default, but it may allow a simple passcode in the Apple example. You can opt for a more complicated password in Apple, but don’t forget or you will have to jump through some hoops to restore from a backup.

    If you forget your Samsung password, go into Google Device Manager and reset your password to access your phone. This worked on a Note4 which forgot my fingerprint and it was a bit of a chore to get back in.

    My main concern is how good is the fingerprint hardware/software integration on the Samsung?

    Didn’t the 5s have issues with TouchId initially? I recall people registering the same finger multiple times. But later fixed with software updates.

  • Guest

    How about notification centre?

  • english


  • Ari

    Samesung. Nuff said.

  • Ryan

    Thanks to the Jailbreaking community, iOS had a notification center before it arrived on the Android platform.