2024 iPad Pro Bend Tests are Here, of Course [VIDEO]

ipad pro bend test 2024

Today Apple launched sales of its new M4 iPad Pro and iPad Air. 

Of course, torture tests of the newest iPad Pro have arrived, with UFDTech on YouTube sharing some first bend test of the 11-inch and 13-inch models.

The 11-inch was harder to bend by hand, while the 13-inch understandably bent more easily compared to the smaller version. Check out both bend tests below:

YouTube video

YouTube video

According to Apple, 2024 iPad Pro models have a metal “cowling” that covers the motherboard and runs down the centre of the device, which improves stiffness and resistance to bending. There’s also a new internal structure and strengthened chassis that is supposed to help stop bending (like if you accidentally sit down with an iPad Pro in your pants).

When you bend a thin sheet of glass and aluminum, it will bend. This year’s iPad Pro is the thinnest Apple product ever made, thinner than the bloody iPod nano. Nobody asked for a super-thin iPad. We want iPadOS to be actually useful or to have M4 iPads run macOS.

Sam Kohl, from Apple Track, also shared some teaser photos of his upcoming bend test, it seems. Check out his photos on X:

YouTube video

More bend tests featuring the iPad Pro and iPad Air are coming, folks.

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