Watch Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition Get Bypassed with a Photo [VIDEO]


Samsung announced their new Galaxy S8 and S8+ earlier this week, which includes an edge-to-edge display with thin bezels on top and bottom. The phone also includes a new facial recognition feature to unlock the device.

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According to a video posted by iDeviceHelp, the Spanish reviewers from MarcianoPhone shared on Periscope bypassing the new facial recognition feature by just showing a picture to the device.

Check out the video from the 20 second mark below:

If this is indeed possible as easily shown, Samsung needs to fix this before the final release of the device. We’ll find out just how easy it is to bypass the facial recognition feature when more people go hands-on with the device.


  • speedracer99

    Oh, Samsung, so much to learn…..always trying to be the best and failing at it……..stick to TVs

  • Olley

    I’ll buy you a beer for saying that

  • fatiredflyer

    Steeeerike TWO!

  • FragilityG4

    Didn’t they have this problem the first time they tried facial recognition?

  • Tim

    Considering it has iris scanning and fingerprint scanning as well, I look at this feature as something for those who are ok with a little less security for the sake of convenience. I’m not surprised it’s fooled by a photo and I’m sure the company was completely aware of this.

  • Joe

    Not sure how big of an issue this is, but I think it illustrates the difference in philosophy between Apple and Samsung.

    Apple releases a new feature when it’s ready, Samsung releases a new feature with the expectation that they’ll fix it later.

  • Kris

    releasing a less-secure feature to be able to get into your phone is definitely a feature that should NOT be provided… if Samsung can’t do it right, they should just NOT do it.

  • jack

    don’t bring your eye too close to it for scanning, if it explodes, you might end up losing your eye…

  • Salinger

    Like 4 digit lock codes?

  • Tim

    Apple’s finger print scanner can be fooled too. There are a bunch of how to’s out there if you care to look.

  • Gerry Lee

    Someone who own’s one, better not lose their phone and post up close selfie pics of themselves on Facebook.

  • Pierre

    This was invent by Kan in start trek 2 more than 20 year ago. They show in cinema long ago so lot people see it and now this guys copy.