First Look: Gold iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5C Hands-On Comparison [VIDEO]


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By now we’ve seen purported leaks of the gold iPhone 5S and the plastic lower cost iPhone 5C shells, but now we have a first video which appears to show both casings compared to that of the iPhone 5 (via App Advice). Of course, there’s no telling whether these parts are real or not, until Apple announces their new iPhones in September. Check it out below and tell us what you think:

Last night new images surfaced of what appears to be a possible fourth colour for the iPhone 5S, in grey/graphite. As for the gold/champagne iPhone 5S, that colour option has been confirmed by outside sources connected to Apple. September 10 can’t come soon enough!


  • Dan

    I’m not sure why all the attention to the iPhone 5C… obviously Apple didn’t think “oh, lets start selling something cheaper in North America for less profit.” Here in Canada, it’s going to be the iPhone 5S only. India, iPhone 5C. That’s my guess.

  • Shameer Mulji

    Doubt it. It’ll be iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C – everywhere. I predict we won’t see the iPhone 5, 4S or 4.

  • T33BS

    oh gaWd are they getting ready to release a gold iWatch? Don’t think I can stomach a bunch of gold iWristwatches out there…

  • Def

    Great. A cheap plastic iPhone. Steve would not approved of this crap.

  • K3

    Quick somebody call Vanna White this guy wants to show us the iWatch next.

  • Tim

    The 5c is pretty underwhelming. It looks like an iphone in an iphone case…or like..a piece of Tupperware or something.