Google Assistant Coming to iPhone: Here’s the First Hands-On [VIDEO]


The worst kept secret ahead of Google I/O, was the company’s Assistant was coming to the iPhone. As expected, Google announced their Assistant was coming to iOS, first for users in the United States (via VentureBeat).

Google assistant iphone

The Google Assistant app for iPhone will support voice queries plus chat functionality, similar to the company’s Allo app. Assistant will be able to launch your existing Google apps on your iPhone, allowing Google apps to become fully integrated into your queries. This is going to put some pressure on Siri to step up its game.

If you want a first-look at this new dedicated app, The Verge just published their first hands-on preview—check it out below:

For Canadians, you will still be able to download this app once it hits the U.S. App Store. All you need to do is follow our instructions on how to open up a U.S. iTunes account here (no credit card required).

Update: Google Assistant for iPhone is now available–here’s a simple workaround on how to download it in Canada.


  • Ryan

    Looks like it’s available now.

  • mxmgodin

    “Not available in the Canadian store”.
    Of course.

  • DrDca

    To call it up, say “hey Siri ” then “open assistant”. Easy!

  • Haha good call!

  • Ryan

    It was mentioned in the article that it wouldn’t be.

  • My 1/2 cents

    Hmm. This app might be a good alternative to downloading iOS 11. Siri’s voice is much better in iOS 11 and it supposedly is better overall.

    This app is beefy at over 141 MB in size.