Google Canada Mobile Planet 2012 Report: iOS Usage Doubles That of Android and BlackBerry


Google’s annual Mobile Planet smartphone research report has now included Canada for the first time. The research was commissioned by Ipsos MediaCT along with the Mobile Marketing Association and the Interactive Advertising Bureau. The interactive report provides data for 40 countries (Canada was among the 26 new countries now part of the report) with a variety of stats available.

Taking a look at smartphone OS penetration in Canada (and throwing in the USA as a comparison), it is evident iOS now dominates Canada. The graphic below shows iOS usage is double that of BlackBerry and Android OS. As for the USA, it appears Android is winning the race according to this research data:

The data also shows that 1 in 3 Canadians are now using a smartphone, which is something we have continued to hear about from the quarterly earnings reports of our ‘Big 3’ carriers.

You can check out the Google Mobile Planet 2012 report here. There are a tonne of options and data to report on–you might be surprised what you discover.


  • larson

    So iOS includes iPhones and iPods? if so would that be a fair comparison?

  • Guest

    Fair? It is a comparison of mobile operating systems not manufactures
    of phones. iOS would include iPhones, iPods, and iPads – all version. Android
    would include phones and tablets from all hardware manufactures using the
    Android OS including Samsung, HTC etc. How else would you compare mobile
    operating systems using the web???

  • ThatGuy

    Really? Not fair? So iPad (1,2&3), iPhone (1,3G,3GS,4&4S) and iPod (1,2,3&4). By my count that’s 12 pieces of hardware running iOS… I guarantee there are hundreds running android… If its unfair for anyone it’s Apple.

  • not sure if comparing  a representative pool for 30million with 300 million is a fair comparison. actually if you want a comparable subset you should compare Canada with California, same population numbers and representative pool would from each work better. And I bet there are more ios users in California compared to the rest of the country. Android has the benefit in the States of being with all carriers not just a few. Also, they tend to be cheaper, smart phones in general are expensive, and any drop in price is definitely a driving factor. In Canada, smart phones and plans are so much more expensive then the states, that those who can afford the plans in the first place are well off enough to get and iPhone.

  • larson

     Why do you want to compare a phone to a music player? Almost every blackberry or android phone owner has an iPod.

  • Ari

    Because it’s not just a music player. The iPod Touch is basically an iPhone but without cellular chipset, microphone and ear speaker. It also runs all of the same software sans SMS and call capability.

  • larson

     Well not sure how an iPod is a smartphone. Quoting from the article above.

    “Taking a look at smartphone OS penetration in Canada (and throwing in the USA as a comparison), it is evident iOS now dominates Canada”