Google’s Eric Schmidt: “Apple Should Have Kept Our Maps”


In an interview with AllThingsD tonight in New York City, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt sat down with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher to talk about everything including the Apple-Google spat over maps. Here’s a portion of the interview where Mossberg brings up Apple and Google Maps:

8:20 pm: Time to talk about maps. Schmidt: “Apple should have kept our maps”

Mossberg: But Apple says you didn’t give them all the features they wanted.

Schmidt: “Apple decided a long time ago to do their own maps… [now they’ve] discovered that maps are really hard.”

Swisher: What argument could you make to Apple to keep your maps?

Schmidt: They’re better maps.

Mossberg: Are you going to make your own iOS map?

Schmidt: Dont want to preannounce products but if we made one, they would have to approve it… they havent’ approved all of our apps in the past. [Schmidt allows that two companies are always in communication]

Nothing really new, but interesting to read about to say the least. It’s always fun when Google takes a jab at Apple, as Schmidt notes Apple “has discovered maps are really hard”. Google was rumoured to have submitted a Google Maps app to Apple, but that was shot down. Just last week, Google released Street View to the Google Maps web app, bringing the missed feature back to iOS.

If Schmidt is trying to hint something, it’s that Apple hasn’t approved their submission of Google Maps. But that’s just a hunch based on what we’ve heard so far.

Apple has come under scrutiny for their version of Maps, as it did not meet the high standards users had come to expect from using Google Maps on iPhone since 2007–a feature added at the last minute by Steve Jobs.


  • artikas

    I’m so done with the whole apple maps google maps dispute. Apple maps has so many extra features that i rather have over any of the google maps features and i am sure apples maps will just get better and better.

  • AbetterWorld

    This is all blow back from Schmidt being on Apple’s board whilst preparing the Andriod OS. He had to know this was going to happen.

  • KJ

    No shit I’ve owned every iPhone and rarely used my maps before turn by turn was introduced in apple maps. Truly I’ve noticed no problems in centers like Calgary or Edmonton….only people who seem to be bitching it Torontians and when ain’t they complaining ahah

  • alamarco

    Yeah, because these features are more important than having accurate maps. Take off the Apple glasses. Not to mention the only major feature that Apple has is turn by turn. Most people already have this with other apps so losing out on Google Street View is a huge loss.

    It’s known that Apple’s maps have been a major failure and you can’t argue against that.

  • alamarco

    The sad part about all of this is we’ll never really know if Apple is refusing to allow Google Maps in the app store. We can all speculate on it, but until it’s in the app store it’s all rumour and hear say.

    It’s the one negative with how tightly they have the app store wound. They can refuse competitors and create a monopoly.

  • FragilityG4


  • artikas

    Sorry for not agreeing with you…but i think i am entitled to my own opinion. So apple glasses aside, I rather enjoy turn by turn, 3D maps and maps with build in yelp than google street view. Have I experienced incorrect maps? No. has anybody i personally know? Nope. So i keep enjoy what to me are improvements. Is it that some areas on the planet are inaccurately shown on apple maps; yes. Will it improve over time, you bet.

  • Jj

    Ya street view is way over hyped….all I think is splurt splurt

  • alamarco

    Just because you have not experienced any inaccuracies does not mean they do not exist. Just do a quick Google (or Bing what ever you use) and you’d easily see all the inaccuracies.

    It’s not a coincidence that we’re finding out that Apple recently hired 10 employees after the huge mess once iOS 6 was released and all these issues were coming to light. It’s not a coincidence that we’re finding out that developers notified Apple of these issues during beta testing.

    You are entitled to your own opinion just like I am entitled to my own. Refusing to admit the inaccuracies means I am entitled to pointing them out.

  • Ray

    The funny part is I remember a time when apple maps were crap too and guess what they improved..just like apple maps will..duh

  • Ray

    Sorry google maps were crap lol

  • alamarco

    Except Google didn’t remove another companies app and try and force you to use their own inferior product. I’ve said it before in other posts on iPhone in Canada. Apple’s biggest mistake was not that they created their own app, it’s that they removed Google. Instead of easing into it, they alienated users.

    Not everyone uses Google Maps, but a lot of people do. These people had their app yanked from them and were given an alternative that was not accurate enough and was known to be not accurate enough before release.

    Apple should have eased into the maps and when they finally had an adequate product then they could remove Google’s app.

  • artikas

    well, thank you for your opinion

  • I really like the new built-in turn-by-turn as well. It’s slick, it’s pretty, and I didn’t realize before how awesome a feature it is to have integrated into the OS. Seeing turn-by-turn on the lock screen? Cool stuff.

    I also have not had any issues with incorrect maps. Missing information, yes, but incorrect information? Not yet. So for me, it’s mostly an improvement as well.

  • It’s a stolen product. We need to go thermonuclear on Schmidt. He was a fox in sheepskin’s clothing, listening in on all of Apple’s iPhone plans.

  • Glenn

    A lot of people with too much time on their hands, do you know how many map apps there are in iTunes? My search results on my ipad turned up 7,144, so move on to your next bellyache cause there’s always something right?

  • If you honestly think that Apple Maps are on par with Google Maps, and by some miracle you haven’t found it riddled with errors, omissions, and blatantly incorrect data, than clearly you are NOT someone who uses maps extensively.

    Someone who maps their way to their neighbours house 3 blocks over just for fun is unlikely to have any issues. Someone who uses it dozens of times per day over the span of hundreds of square kilometers in the course of their employment (like me!) will be quick to educate you on all it’s issues…which are MANY.

  • Maes33

    I use maps everyday and lovin apple maps. I’m coming from a Samsung galaxy s2. Google maps had its glitches on my phone but I guess it wasn’t news worthy.

  • psychmonitor

    It’s called a Freudian slip! 🙂

  • effyouharper

    Yes, Apple just called. They said Calgary maps were drawn in 3 minutes.
    All they had to do was send a ‘Liberal’ Apple employee out, and all you
    ‘Conserve-AnUglyCousin-arians’ chased after him. Face it, you’re the
    ugly cousin that nobody wants to dance with. Why don’t you go look for
    E.Coli in your yard & then sod off, betch?

  • Harpers Actually Not That Bad

    Actually, Calgary is the cousin that the rest of Canada wants to be. We’re more successful, more fun, and don’t blame the government for every woe that befalls us, because when you have something that works, a liberal government will surely ruin it. Hence we stayed conservative.

  • Be_Real

    It helps to have buckets and bucket of oil everywhere, LOL. Try Calgary with no Oil in the backyard…… wasteland. But hey, if you are lucky enough to have oil then good on ya. But don’t pretend to have a superior political system or policies. Buckets of money make everything smoother, wait until the oil runs out and then you will see how nice the system is. But until then, ride it hard, and have fun 🙂

  • Be_Real

    I seriously hope you are not serious. Without Google Maps the prior iPhones would have been a half baked solution to the Android Platform. Google cooperating saved Apples butt for many years. Google didn’t need to cooperate when they did by providing a deal with Apple.

  • Westben

    IPhone5 and ios6 are the windows ME of 2012… Damn if I’ll “upgrade” to either platform