Head to Head Comparison: Apple’s Siri Versus Samsung’s S Voice [VIDEO]


The Verge has posted a comparison video that puts Apple’s Siri versus Samsung’s S Voice. The latter was introduced by Samsung when they debuted their latest flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S III. Early on many noted S Voice ‘resembled’ a clone of Siri on the iPhone 4S. Cosmetics put aside–how do both of these voice assistants compare when they are put head to head?

Check out the video below and see for yourself:

A recent trip to the U.S. enabled me to experience the full capabilities of Siri, versus her lack of location services in Canada. It was actually quite handy asking for directions and seeing results come up when asking for coffee shops or restaurants. Let’s hope Siri receives Canadian localization soon–maybe at WWDC 2012?

[via The Verge]


  • Werdner

    iPhone blog…can’t watch half the videos on an iphone

  • Works perfectly on my iPhone 4S. Try refreshing.

  • neodoru

    How could they call it S voice!?!?!? I mean c’mon, didn’t they realise it’s gonna be “ass voice”?!

  • Nick

    So I guess the lesson is theyre both kind of a pain and don’t work properly

  • Danananazarek

    Personally I think mapping will start being introduced in other countries when Apple drops google as their go to mapper and startsbwith inhouse tech. So basically IOS6

  • xxJDxx

    Cliffs?? I dont want to watch the whole video…

  • roadcarver

    It looks like both still require some more work since it can still distsract drivers while using this hands free feature especially when the answers are not what’s expected.  Keeping in mind though that Siri is still “beta”.

  • Websnap

    Personally, I think it’s more impressive that Siri has vocal feedback. I think that is superior for three reasons. Obviously, for those with vision impairment one is more useful than the other. 2) I can use it while it’s still in my armband while running. 3) there is more processing involved and yet it still was as fast if not faster with results than S Voice.

    I think the reall killer will be when apple opens Siri up to Developers.