Here’s the iPhone 5 Pictured Beside the New BlackBerry 10 L-Series [PIC]


There’s been recent chatter lately with the possible revival of RIM thanks to their official announcement of BlackBerry 10 devices to debut at a launch event in January. RIM CEO Thorsten Heins is confident BlackBerry will make a comeback, with features such as free Wi-Fi voice calls via the newest version of BBM.

We haven’t seen many comparisons of RIM’s hardware, but over at BBIn, they have posted an image of the iPhone 5 next to a BlackBerry L-Series (London) device. You can see the L-Series Blackberry looks to be the same size as the iPhone 5, although the latter pictured is in a bumper case.

Check it out below and tell us what you think:


Is it time to buy some RIM shares and place your bets on their rise back to stardom?

[via CrackBerry]


  • Chrystallll

    This is blasphemy, having a blackberry being held in comparison to an iPhone.

  • SteveHiggs

    Well it would have been more appropriate to photograph the BlackBerrry beside a black iPhone 5 without a case if you’re comparing anything. Either way, here’s hoping they have found a way to innovate, drive excitement and demand. The market could really use something cool to spur everyone forward beyond these iterative releases. Evolution is a solid method to building an excellent platform/device etc but it’s sure not much fun to watch at live speed. C’mon RIM.. .. Oh who am I kidding.

  • RIM needs to stop promoting their new stuff like it’s the best thing since sliced bread—before it is even out. Just gets our hopes up, then we find out from a review it’s crap.

  • LOL

  • Mark

    I think that entire statement is the definition of Vapourware. hehehe

  • Yep

  • Sorin

    WOW….not that I care for RIM/BB…but how did Apple promote the first and most of the next iPhones…if anyrthing…Apple has the best marketing machine in the world…so please…

  • What are you trying to say?

    The facts are, RIM announces stuff but there’s never a ship date or pricing attached to it. And when it does come out, it’s crap. Look at the PlayBook. Look at the latest Bold or Torch. Where are those phones now?

    RIM’s CEO has been going on a worldwide tour promoting BB10, but no one heard a specific date until a couple days ago. He boldly claims BB will rise and get ‘third place’. Those are his words!

  • Dennis

    Gary get your head out of your ass. Your posts have become too predictable.

  • You mad, bro?

  • randyritraj

    So this BlackBerry looks like the back of my iPhone 5, just with the glass/non-glass areas reversed? I guess that’s a brilliant play, given the number of envious BB users who have gotten used to seeing others holding up their iPhones.

  • Dennis

    Not mad sorry. Just having a bad bout of Schizophrenia.

  • droid

    Or how about apple tea bagging all you iphone peeps with commercials about white headphones, a panoramic APP, and a small screen that can allow your thumb to reach all four corners.. That’s the nxt big thing iphone lovers.. Keep taking it from the back.

  • That’s it I’m buying a Nexus 4. I can’t take this anymore. Or should I wait for BB10?

  • droid

    HTC 1X+ is another option. Competition is good. Makes it good for us consumers

  • Acer12345

    Next weeks news:

    Apple sues RIM for making phones that have “too similar” dimensions to the iPhone.