Hover Camera Passport Drone Launches in Canada for $679.95 from Apple


The Hover Camera calls itself “the world’s first truly consumer-friendly self-flying camera that’s safe, portable, and easy-to-use.” Today, the company launched exclusive sales of its camera at Apple Stores and Apple online, in Canada, the U.S., the UK, Hong Kong and Mainland China.

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For Canadians considering the Hover Camera, it’ll cost you $679.95. The flying camera with its carbon-fibre body records video in 4K and can take 13MP pictures, and comes with built-in 32GB memory. The highlight of the device is its foldable design, which makes it portable “just like a notebook” says Hover, as it automatically finds and follows the camera owner.

To download 4K video to your Mac, users will require a separate micro-B to USB 3.0 cable, sold separately.

Hover Camera shared its drone with influencers such as Casey Neistat five months ago:

Hover is controlled with its companion iOS app, which shows real-time video. There are different preset modes where the Hover can record a 360 degree video, or body tracking to follow the owner whether they’re running or walking.


  • Olley

    gosh Casey Neistat is ugly AS FUCK. fucking C-list internet famous UGLY FUCK.

  • OliChabot

    I was interested by this camera. It looks promising but I’ll wait untill they improve it. Many review suggest the face recognition is not that good and that as soon as there is a bit of wind it’s get really bad.

  • Mark Woodford

    Olley, you should be ashamed of yourself for posting what you did. Your post has no relevance to the article and although you are entitled to your opinions, you should be ashamed to post something so rude and degrading about somebody who has likely done nothing to you personal and whose only crime is to not measure up to your standard of beauty.

  • sully54

    Well obviously you’re not much to look at either or else you’d have something better to spend your time with than posting on some website’s comments section.

  • karinatwork

    This is actually the only drone I’d be interested in, because it basically flies itself. Anything else is just way too much trouble. I have to much gear to take care of as is, so a self-flying drone would come in handy. 🙂 If I ever have $$$ to waste, it’s on my list.

  • huddyrocks

    Unless this is under 250 grams, Marc Garneau has made this next to impossible to fly with his latest drone laws.