How Apple is Really Using Your Location Data [Humor]


Still worried about the unencrypted location data from your iPhone? Here’s how Apple is really using that info:

joy of tech

Just what I thought.

[Joy of Tech]


  • Boldeagle32

    I do not appreciate your pushing the NDP Party. No more reading your Blog if you are pushing politics.

  • Those ads are from Google. Calm down. 🙂


  • Wahidafg

    Hahaha… That’s exactly wat I thought when I first heard about it, I think this is a joke and it’s a pretty funny joke lol

  • Wahidafg

    Hahha… “Dead or watching” tv… Its funny how some people lay down and watch tv for hours lol

  • Squiggly red line

    The Canadian blog with American spelling, didn’t you know Humour has a u in Canada? What’s that all aboot? Maybe we should push Apple for a Canadian iPhone dictionary!