How iOS Tracking Brought Osama Bin Laden to Justice


Last night, news broke that Osama Bin Laden had finally been killed by the USA, where he was hiding out in Pakistan. I tweeted “Looks like iOS Location Tracking has paid off”, a tongue-in-cheek comment in relation to Apple’s PR blip over location tracking.

Well, it appears cartoonist Starline read my mind because she has come up with a pretty awesome comic:

‘Mission Accomplished’.

[Starline via Cult of Mac]


  • Bekk45


  • Casey Callaghan


  • Auto Strada

    Election night, OBL killed and the Royal Wedding…

    I just want Top Gear to come back and watch the Turkish Grand Prix this weekend 🙂 lol

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t the USA army need to know where he was first, before giving him the tracking iPhone4 to track where he currently is. Lol

  • Apple

    New meaning the phrase
    ‘death grip’

  • Kirk Armstrong


  • Kirk Armstrong

    Oh that’s just minor details…lol

  • Auto Strada

    that’s what the courier was dropping off for him LOL

  • Drocass

    When I watched that live breaking news on ctv news I laughed a few times because the female news reporter kept mixing up Obama and Osama. She said twice that Obama was in hiding and Obama has been killed lol my wife caught her slip up too.

    I would imagin she would get quite the talking to after that lol

    Funny cartoon too, very fast reaction to recent events 😛

  • Luca

    WOW THIS IS SUCH BULL. Seriously were Canadian and i have to hear this bullshit here too, not only that this is about iphones and im tired of hearing all this shit when really the guys been dead for years. Please dont mention stuff about america. I love your site keep doing what you do best just not about this 🙂

  • Dfg

    Relax man it was a joke.

    Besides Osama was using a blackberry so it is a Canadian story.