Here’s a Preview of How Apple Pay Setup Works


For those who have updated their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices to iOS 8.1 released earlier today and are located in the U.S., Apple Pay may not be instantly obvious, meaning users need to open up Settings or Passbook to see its various features. The folks over at MacRumors have shared how to perform the initial setup for Apple Pay and add credit cards on an iPhone. 


First of all, open up Passbook and tap the “+” icon to add a credit card. If a card is already associated with an iTunes account, users can tap choose to use that card, or enter another one using the camera (as shown above). The verification process takes just a few seconds for most cards that are currently working with Apple Pay, after which the card can immediately be used for purchases.

“Apple Pay’s neatest features are buried in the Settings menu, located under the new “Passbook and Apple Pay” section. Each credit card listed added to Passbook is listed here, along with Transaction Defaults like billing address, shipping address, email, and phone number. Tapping on one of the cards provides specific information about the card, allowing users to see the last digits of the card number, the last digits of the Device Account Number that replaces the card number in transactions, and it also provides contact information for the bank behind the card, as well as an app download. 

Each card also includes a list of recent transactions that have been made, and with some cards, transactions made in stores that don’t support Apple Pay will be listed right alongside Apple Pay transactions. This settings area is also where a card can be removed from Apple Pay”.




When in a store, making a purchase is as simple as holding an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus near a contactless payment terminal with a finger on Touch ID. Apple has announced that Apple Pay will work with over 200,000 stores including retailers like Walgreens, Macy’s, and Whole Foods. 


  • Etus

    Where can we write to Apple about Apple Pay Canada? We should make pression to get it as soon as possible

  • roy

    i heard from various sources we wont get apple pay in canada until late 2016

  • David

    Any idea if this will work with US cards using Canadian NFC systems?

  • wotwot548

    Yes – as long as you have a US bank account or credit card with a card that Apple Pay accepts to be programmed in… You also need to change location to United States in iPhone settings to add the card

  • David

    Cool, already did. I will try it out! Thanks for the reply, Roy.

  • J M

    The Canadian banks are all well aware of Apple Pay. There was a post about the CIO from a division in TD Bank saying it was at least a year away until Apple Pay with TD.

    I would only expect CIBC and Tangerine to be on the gas pedal in regards to Apple Pay. Both banks have had eDeposits for quite a while now, and TD Bank just implemented their mobile app for eDeposits. One can only guess who will implement Apple Pay first.

  • Kirk

    Lucky Americans…. Sooo jealous

  • Let us know if you’re able to confirm this. It sounds like it should work fine.

  • Travis Pinky Mcdowell

    if apple is anything like i would hope they are, the first company they will talk to is interact. with how popular interact flash has grown it would a simple thing for them to implement.