Introducing The Next Apple iPhone


We’ve all been following Engadget’s coverage of the mysterious new iPhone, due sometime this summer 2010. This is an iPhone that so far has had an amazing journey.

It started by being lost in a bar in San Jose, cleverly disguised within an iPhone 3GS case. Once online, many could not decide whether it was real or fake and just when we were all convinced that this new device was real, MacRumors reports that the device is a Japanese knock-off.

So this is not a real iPhone? Right? RIGHT?

Soon after, Gizmodo got their hands on this device and decided to take it apart and what they found inside, aside from the typical Apple aesthetic, was legitimate and branded Apple parts. Folks, this is the next iPhone:

It is worth noting that this device could very well be a prototype (XXGB on the back) and could very well be a fake, but it is the most convincing, amazing, unbelievable, revolutionary, and magical fake I’ve ever seen. So, what’s new?

New Features

  • The first newly visible feature is the front-facing video camera
  • The rear camera includes a flash
  • Micro-SIM (iPad 3G) instead of regular SIM
  • The SIM tray has been moved to the side of the device
  • The display has been improved and is a higher resolution than that of the iPhone 3GS
  • Sleep/wake, silent switch, and volume buttons are metallic
  • Two buttons for volume control (camera controls?)
  • Two microphones; one at the bottom and one next to the headphone jack


  • A new aluminum border surrounding the device
  • Smaller display as compared with the iPhone 3GS
  • Larger battery
  • 3-grams heavier
  • Design is squared
  • The back is flat and made from a glass type or shiny plastic material
  • All internal components have been reduced in size, likely done to make room for the higher capacity battery

Why It’s Real

Gizmodo notes some valid claims for why this device is the next iPhone:

  • The device has been reported to be lost, which came from John Gruber’s contacting people familiar with the matter.
  • The screen is very high-resolution, making it near impossible to identify individual pixels. As many know, on iPhone knock-offs, the screens are usually extremely poor.
  • No other phone or device in North America is using micro-SIM as their SIM card right now. The fact that Apple is starting this with the iPad 3G further reinforces that this iPhone is their device.
  • Before being reported lost, the operating system was iPhone OS 4.0. Unfortunately, once reported lost, Apple apparently wiped the device remotely, preventing further access to the device. Attempts to restore have failed since there is no firmware yet available for the new device.
  • When connected to a computer, the device behaves like an iPhone, iTunes recognizes it as an iPhone and Xcode on a Mac further recognizes it as an iPhone.
  • The case used to disguise the device as an iPhone 3GS had all the proper new holes cut-out.
  • Some of the internal components, aside from being perfectly implemented in terms of spacing, were labeled “Apple” and that would be highly unlikely in a knock-off device.

Hardware Specifications

  • Dimensions: 4.50 by 2.31 by 0.37 inches
  • Weight: 140 grams (3GS: 137 grams)
  • Battery: 5.25 WHr at 3.7V (3GS: 4.51 WHr at 3.7V)

Final Thoughts

At first, with all the lost and found speculation, I admit that I thought this was all a joke. But after seeing the internals and some of the design changes up close, I have been made a believer.

So, if you weren’t convinced before, are you now? Is this your new iPhone?



  • Monk-E

    that's too ugly to be true. Will not be getting the iPhone 4G/iPhone HD (?) so ugly.. Sony Ericson X10 here I come!

  • Jeff S

    I agree with Monk-E this is ugly. And smaller screen? I don't like that idea. If this is actually a smaller screen I might just get myself a 3GS. My current 3G the screen is cracked but usable so I have been waiting for the next version instead of buying a new 3GS right now.

  • Gtasscarlo

    Fake fake fake no way the iPhone will look like that and If it did I'm buying the Sony ericcson xperia x10

  • djepsilon

    I think this is the real deal, but I also believe this won't be exactly what is released this summer. The design just doesn't seem right…So it's likely a prototype, but it's definitely NOT a knockoff.

    So now the question is…how long until Jason Chen is reported missing?

  • Hahaha. RIP Jason!

    This is very strange. I can't see how Apple would ever let one of the
    units leave Cupertino and get “lost”. The internals don't lie, but the
    exterior definitely is not the final build.

  • unlogik

    Looks hot! A huge step above that nasty plastic 3G/3GS design. I do think that this isn't the final design though Ò€” I see some finishing touches on this before June.

  • William

    Apple marketing is at it again…a “misplaced” cell phone generates more buzz than a multi-million $$ advertising campaign…ha.ha.

  • dw4lsh

    I Totally agree. Real device or not, what a way to create a hype !

  • …and it conveniently lands in the hands of gizmodo!

  • “Hypothecially” if this is the new iPhone…
    – the design looks a lot like Apple's notebook designs. I know some people don't, but I actually like it a lot to be honest.
    – a smaller screen, even if it is of a better resolution, would not be a good thing.
    – I can see a delay for this coming to Canada unless any of the big three will support microSIMs really quick (if they don't already).
    – Video chat is really going to put some strain (I would think) on the networks, but I suspect it would finally bring video chat to the main stream. Betcha those people that got the 6GB data plan from Rogers going “phew” and smiling. πŸ™‚

  • wargamer17

    I don't know, I personally like this design. It looks great for a new iPhone. However, how true can this be? Maybe it's a marketing stunt?

  • Canada will have Micro-SIMs for the iPad 3G launch

  • Craz

    I really hope it's not that ugly. The hardware would have to be a huge improvement over the 3GS for me to buy this. Looks more like an older model than a newer one…

  • rorypiper

    I like the conspiracy theory that Apple lost this device on purpose, to create hype. They could have made this device not so attractive, on purpose, so when they reveal the actual device, everyone is blown away. Even if this is the final design, it's funny to me that so many people would jump ship, just because of the way it looks. The fact that it's going to do just about everything we've been asking for, makes me want to buy one.

  • I can see the emails now from Jobs:

    It's not real.

  • No no, that's too many words!

    Jobs reply to the question of is the device real?


  • Someone should e-mail him and ask. πŸ™‚

  • markman80

    I think it looks bad ass. Been holding on to my 3G waiting for an upgrade. Was debating about upgrading or buying an iPad but if this is legit, new iPhone will be the way I'm going.

  • lello91

    damn… even CNN is talking about that

  • Monk-E

    4.0 still lacks in a lot of features.. and that S#!T is prolly gonna run on the 4.0 OS. I want widgets on my damn iPhone.. I want a new UI.. its lame how u have to open the weather app just to check the damn weather. ANDROID is the iPhone killer!

  • …and in other news, Apple once again dominates news headlines.

  • rorypiper

    Hahaha. Android is just another OS. It doesn't kill anything. It's just a matter of preference. If you like Apple, you use this. If you like Google, you use Android. If you like Palm, you use webOS. If you like Nokia, you use Symbian. I don't want widgets, so I'll stick with iPhone

  • TK

    * Bill on phone : “Melinda quite loosing your new phones, it's embarrassing enough as it is”..

    That actually looks like a good departure from the current design… wonder if the apple will light up through the glass and if the dock will be aluminium as well.

  • I personally like the look of this new model, alot. Very, very clean lines. After reviewing the full article complete with videos and numerous photos at Gizmodo (especially the side by side photos with the 3GS), it's obvious that this is the real McKoy.

    Look forward to the announcement from Apple on or about June 22.
    The poor guy at Apple that lost this phone, has no doubt joined the ranks of the unemployed.

  • What do you expect? The media seems to think Apple walks on water.

  • Either that or he/she was told to deliberately leave the phone in the bar… possibly as a way for Apple to gauge reaction from the public.

  • John

    This supposedly new Apple phone looks like the Prada/LG phone but just a bit bigger and without the hard touch buttons. I had one of these Prada/LG phones..actually still have it and still like it even though I have an Apple 3G. I think the prototype looks pretty cool

  • DaMan05

    I'm convinced but I hope this isn't it. I think it's ugly πŸ™
    I was hoping for a more drastic, thinner, no bezel look.

  • Nima

    Smaller screen :O Perhaps the CPU is seriously draining the battery.

  • float_world

    I'm not sure if this is the finished product but it likely would be considering it's almost May and new iPhones always come out in June. Apple would have had the design finalized long ago I would think.

    Plus, if it can do video chat the thickness makes sense. Now you could sit it on a desk or table for image stability instead of holding it all the time.

  • float_world

    I'm not sure if this is the finished product but it likely would be considering it's almost May and new iPhones always come out in June. Apple would have had the design finalized long ago I would think.

    Plus, if it can do video chat the thickness makes sense. Now you could sit it on a desk or table for image stability instead of holding it all the time.

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