iOS 4.3 Adds New Messages Alert Intervals For iPhone


Another feature has been discovered in today’s release of iOS 4.3 Beta 1 and it is very useful for iPhone users!

Users of iOS 4.3 on the iPhone 3GS/4 now have the option to change the interval of their Messages alert sound. Currently, iPhone users can toggle on a “Repeat Alert” option in the Messages area of the Settings app. This toggle plays the Messages tone twice after the initial alert, in case the user missed the first one.

With iOS 4.3, users can choose to be alerted once, twice, 3 times, 5 times, or 10 times! The Messages alerts also repeat in two minute intervals.


  • bekk45

    so the same function, just more flexibility ?

  • Anonymous

    iOS 4.2.1 on iPhone 4 here and I don’t see an option in the messages area for “Group Messaging” on my device. Is this new as well?

  • Anonymous

    The screenshot posted by Ex is from AT&T and not a Canadian carrier

    Group Messaging is a carrier specific option, so if your phone doesn’t show this then your carrier does not support this feature.

  • Ex

    Thank you

  • TeenWolf

    If you have Rogers app you can manage group messaging from there. So why not within the iPhone?

  • Anonymous

    Rogers (and most carriers worldwide) just doesn’t support the way Apple implemented their Group Messaging feature.

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  • Jbohn

    This is a handy new messaging feature, however I wonder why Apple keeps slightly improving messaging with each release and doesn’t just give it an overhaul? Why can we still not add our own SMS tones? Why can’t we change the tones used for other features such as incoming email? I’d like to see more customization closer to what you get on a Blackberry.

  • Ron

    apple needs to create alerts for missed calls! it’s very annoying when i find out hours later that i missed a call.

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