iOS 7.0.3 Download Seen as Imminent with More Bug Fixes Coming


We all know iOS 7.0.3 should be coming soon but according to BGR, their sources say the new firmware update has been seeded to employees and partners for “final testing.” The build number for iOS 7.0.3 is 11B491.

Other iOS 7 bugs at the moment plaguing users include the iTunes Store crashing and also an issue related to iMessages not sending completely.

iOS 7.0.2 was released on September 26 to squash a lock screen passcode bug, but it hasn’t stopped a more recent exploit which allows any number to be dialled from the emergency screen.


  • Joji

    We can’t make call to any number other than the emergency number though

  • Rod

    I have been weirdness with playing music. Sometime the lock screen controls does not work. Also, they removed access to chapters on audiobooks. That really sucks on a 8 hour audio file.

  • smithy

    try some of the methods in earlier posts. i have been able to make calls to my contacts still.

  • Joji

    When I try it says only emergency calls

  • Andre

    I have that issue too

  • Junior C

    I have experienced other issues, like iCloud asking for password confirmation every couple of days and all my contacts disappearing, however the contacts end showing back up a couple days later.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Chrome262

    I guess I have been lucky, i have had no issues on my 5, wife running 4s and so far so good, My daughters 4 is a bit slow, but nothing with messages between us. d

    But I have notices that I can’t transfer files to my linux machine anymore, there is a security warning and it asks me to trust this computer, I say yes but its an endless loop. Ubuntu is looking into it, but they say its part of the new security features, so even if they fix their end (the loop part) they are not sure it will work.

  • xxxJDxxx

    I’ve had the music app crash on me on several different occasions when trying to delete an album. One song at a time by the way, as i couldn’t find a way to delete an entire album at a time.

  • prybar

    I still can’t resize a wallpaper on my 5S. I couldn’t on my 5 either. It works fine on the 4th gen iPad though…

  • G VB

    Ever since I upgraded, my phone calls have failed. Incoming and outgoing. Now the reception is spotty. I had perfect service, impressive service, before iOS 7. I’m regretting this epic failure. FWIW, I have a Virgin Mobile 4s.

  • crasucks

    I have a problem where the lock screen password character entry dots do not show up. This may sound minor, but you can’t tell if you entered a character or not, which means more bad login attempts. Yet sometimes it comes up fine and the dots are bright.