iOS 7 Beta 3 Bug Causing Missed Calls on Rogers/Fido Network


With the release of iOS 7 beta 3 earlier this week, a new bug has emerged which has caused users on the Rogers/Fido network to have missed calls where the phone does not ring or vibrate. Other issues include the iPhone showing an incoming call as two calls but no audio coming in either direction.


The issue has affected the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 on both networks in major Canadian cities. Some developers have officially reported the issue to Rogers; engineering teams have thus asked for baseband logs to investigate the issue, which appears to be specific to the network.

Of course, betas should act like betas. In this case this bug affects the core function of receiving phone calls. So far, beta updates have been released in two week intervals so hopefully beta 4 will address this network issue.

Thanks Geoffroy!


  • Nick Cameron Greene

    I actually just had this happen to me an hour ago. It’s a good thing that I rarely use my phone for phone calls. That being said, it was pretty annoying.

  • Chrome262

    had this happen on ios6, I have missed calls with good signal and everything, just failed to vibrate. I think its something that the beta has made worse. Oh verizon where are you lol

  • mrideas

    Ya I don’t think this is just beta related. Same thing last 2-3 days where I always had great reception and calls at home I just get the voicemail notice. Don’t even get the annoying Rogers missed call text either? Perhaps Rogers is having their own issues??

  • Somegreatwood

    Yes – this isn’t a iOS 7 thing. I’ve had this for the past few weeks or so on both my, and my wife’s iPhone 5 running the latest version of 6 with Fido.

    Phone doesn’t ring or vibrate. When CALLING one of these phones, the problem makes the call go right to voicemail – even though the two phones could be as close as 20 ft. apart.

  • K3

    does anybody else get the tap..taptaptap….tap..tap……taptaptap..tap sound?

  • jabohn

    Newsflash, beta software is buggy!

  • Setak

    You can receive phone calls on an iPhone ?!?!? There’s definitely an app for everything !

  • Unknown

    I had this happen on 3 straight calls. I then read online to try resetting network settings, tried it and haven’t had the issue since.

  • sukisszoze

    I didn’t see the call at all on my ios 7 phone..the funny thing is my Pebble went off alerting me of the call

  • crosseyed_mofo

    well… this explains a couple of things

  • DaveMa

    This only happen to me with cell to cell call; but when using my landline, no missed call – it vibrate and ring. Rogers/Fido should definitely work this out with Apple.

  • bspence88

    This has also happened to be on RoamMobility in Arizona.

  • Since I have the beta 3, this bug is happening to me!
    It’s random, and doesn’t seem to affect every call.

  • Joel De Leon

    8 – 16 missed calls since I installed iOS 7 Beta 3 and sometimes call is dropping when I tried to answer.

  • I’m on beta 3 and I’m getting my calls no problem.. I’m on Rogers, with the iPhone 5..

  • Guest

    I have this problem right now on iOS 6, everytime I head to work and recieve a call, it immediately goes to voicemail and i get the voicemail notification. But at home, it works fine.

  • Cyrus Wu

    It might just be people having Not to Distrub mode on.

  • Cyrus Wu

    is in do not distrub mode?

  • Jennifer

    I am having the exact issue as shown in the screen shot. Happening with incoming calls from other cell phones or landlines. I have tried reset network setting and does not help. I am on the Rogers network.

  • Lydia Thibault

    Anyone getting the unknown id for callers with this bug too? All my contacts numbers are now unknown when they call execpt for my mom (?) and those i don’t know shows numbers.. Its weird but i know its beta so…

  • gmc74

    this isn’t just Rogers, it is happening on Sprint in the US too

  • Digital_Singer

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to confirm that this is due to call waiting issue in the phone app, started receiving my calls once call waiting was turned off. So Hope this helps

  • Mohamed Khogali

    Also In Sudan, Africa, my iPhone 4, GSM, face same but different way, the phone do not place outgoing calls, I just updated to beta 4, same problem persist. However, I decided immediately to roll back to ISO 6.1.3