iOS 8.1 Reportedly Confirmed to Feature Apple Pay


Multiple anonymous sources are claiming that iOS 8.1 will include Apple’s all new mobile payment system Apple Pay, and the current expected timetable for its public release is scheduled for October 20, Bank Innovation is reporting. Sources further claim that iOS 8.1 contains “hidden code” that will allow Apple to test Apple Pay with the private beta release of iOS 8.1.

Apple pay

The report adds that the public release of iOS 8.1, which will be sometime in mid-October, will have improvements for other Apple services as well. It has been previously reported that iOS 8.1 will be adding major improvements to the Apple Maps app, which haven’t been included in the initial, relatively buggy releases of iOS 8. Meanwhile, developers are worried that they won’t be able to test out Apple Pay before the public release, since many merchants are expecting massive Apple Pay volume from Day 1.

“That being said, experts in the financial services industry aren’t as optimistic — many expect that Apple Pay “will be the next Siri.” The only issue is the timetable, which continues to shift as Apple makes massive security advances in the payments field. Our sources have given dates ranging from anywhere to late September to early November. Due to the continually changing reports, Bank Innovation cannot confirm the exact date at this time, but we can confirm that Apple will stick to its timetable of “October” and that sources at Apple say that the official Apple Pay release is tentatively scheduled for the third Monday of October.”

Sources have also indicated that Apple wants to make sure Apple Pay is perfected before it is released to public (US-only at launch).


  • Etus

    And what about ApplePay in Canada? 🙁

  • websnap

    Next year, for sure. I highly doubt they will expand before the Holiday season.

  • Rick

    Ya im sure they aren’t as worried about Canada as much in the US alot of the credit and bank cards don’t even have chip technology which is more secure

  • Dr_AL

    Applepay in the Us makes sense now as merchants need to replace their machines to accommodate chip cards as they come into the U.S. and will be required by law. So why not get a machine that accepts applepay and chip cards now.

    In Canada we have the chip and there is no real reason for merchants to replace machines. So even if applepay comes to Canada, I would expect a slower adoption rate.

  • Patrick Ducharme

    Current machine we have in Canada already “support” what Apple Pay use; they don’t have to change it again. The “magic” happen at the bank side when you scan your ApplePay, it will send a Secure token to the Terminal by NFC and the Bank will authorize or deny it, it’s just a mather of adding this tokenization to the communication with the bank.

  • Tim

    Many Montreal taxi cabs still use paper imprint machines. The deps (convenience stores) often don’t take credit card on their interac terminals. Needless to say, it’s going to be awhile before Apple Pay is all that useful here, whether or not they role it out to Canada.

  • Greg

    Sounds like Montreal is behind the rest of the country.