First iOS 8 Screenshot Leaks, Showing Off the Healthbook App [PICS]


Earlier today it was reported Apple could possibly release iOS versions of TextEdit and Preview apps many are familiar with from OS X.

Shortly after this report 9to5Mac followed up to post what claims to be a leaked iOS 8 screenshot showing off new system apps as posted by a user on Weibo: Healthbook, Preview, TextEdit and Tips.

Check them out below:

Ios8 screen

Translation for Healthbook colours: Red = Blood Pressure, Orange = Calories Burned, Green = Heart Rate.

Ios 8 settings

Mark Gurman says “Even though the source of the images is absolutely uncertain, I have confirmed with several sources that these shots are legitimate.” Take that for what it’s worth. What do you think? Real or not?


  • Phronk

    Those are just the OSX icons for Preview and TextEdit. These fake leaks aren’t even trying any more.

  • jabohn

    Obviously fake. Anyone could have made this screenshot up. The OS X icons are so out of place in iOS.

  • Tim Stewart

    The ‘Facetime’ and ‘Voice Memo’ icons, sure since they are essentially already that, but otherwise… Nooooope.

    The give away is really why Apple in their rush to flatten all of their iOS app ions (and increasingly OS X) use the legacy OS X “photo” icons for Text Edit and Preview, both of which are redundant on iOS.

    Also I don’t see Apple, the “It just works” company, essentially saying that iOS needs a ‘Tips’ app for people to use properly.

    Finally, I can’t see Apple adding an icon with a flame on it for any of their apps given the negative press about previous incidents of products catching fire, no matter how isolated those incidents are.

  • reformcanada

    Oh great, another Apple app I can’t delete!