[Updated] iPhone 3GS Now Ships in 24 Hours from Apple Canada


If you’re looking for an unlocked iPhone 3GS from Apple Canada, the 8GB model now ships in 1-3 business days 24 hours. Apple made the change early this morning and it falls in line with improved shipping times for the iPhone 4, announced earlier this week.

Apple has improved ship times for iPhones and iPads, to prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

[Apple Canada]


  • Apple still sells the 3GS? I thought the ones carriers sold were just the left overs..

  • They sell an 8GB version as a sort of “cheaper alternative”. They did the same thing with the 3G last year.

  • Anonymous

    The 16gb and 32gb models carriers were selling have stopped… Just 8gb models now. But for the price difference under contract vs the 4…. $99 vs $159 it makes sense to get the iPhone 4. That is if you can get your hands on one

  • Don

    If people can’t get there hands on an iPhone 4 by now then they obviously aren’t looking hard enough.