iPhone 4 Has Been Unlocked!


A few days ago, the iPhone Dev Team posted a notice that an iPhone 4 unlock was almost done.

At the time, we had hoped there would be a successful unlock by the time the iPhone 4 hits Canada, but the unlock has come even sooner!

Today, the amazing Dev Team announced that it has successfully unlocked the iPhone 4 running iOS 4. The photo below showcases an iPhone 4 running on Bell in Canada.

My soft-unlocked iPhone 4 (in Canada). I’ll have video in a couple of hours once I can top-up the SIM.

The next step is the jailbreak for iPhone 4.

Last week, it was announced that a spirit-like jailbreak is almost complete, however the Dev Team may be waiting for Apple’s upcoming iOS 4.0.1 release before revealing the jailbreak tools.

At this time, there are no release dates but I am sure it will real soon!




  • Rathbone

    Hey Ex, have you heard anything about if they have tried to test the reception in Canada with Bell as the provider? What are your opinions on this whole antenna issue? Will you be purchasing the Iphone 4 first day even if apple doesn't provide a fix?

  •  Xaroc

    If the dev team is waiting for 4.01 I agree with them. No sense in releasing it just to have your work patched 2 weeks later.

    Funny if apple was waiting or their release also so they can patch it lol. Stalemate

  • Ex

    The antenna thing is definitely something that cannot be ignored. In Canada, we tested the iPhone 4 on Rogers, Bell, and Telus and experienced no signal degradation.

    We covered the bottom left spot and other areas, and no bars dropped or call quality. However Telus did drop one bar, but call quality was not affected.

    Are our Canadian hands better than the Americans? Maybe. Did we just have an unaffected iPhone 4? Maybe.

    The antenna problem has two factors: iPhone 4 design and AT&T. The AT&T network is so overloaded all the time that out Canadian networks don't compare. It's great that Consumer Reports doesn't recommend the iPhone 4, but my experiences say otherwise.

    What matters to me is that we had first-hand experience and could not reproduce the signal drop on AT&T while in Canada. When we went to the USA however, the iPhone 4 we held INSTANTLY dropped its signal.

    So yes, based on my experiences, I will be purchasing the iPhone 4 on day one.

  • So when the iPhone 4 is released in Canada and lets say we dont have a widespread signal issue in Canada, if we travelled to the USA and used our iPhone 4 we might see a signal loss.
    I hope if that is the case the phone could still be returned or repaired even though we dont have a widespread problem in Canada so far.
    As long as the screen works I'm buying one on day one signal loss or not, I dont make call much anyway text only need about one bar eh.

  • Rathbone

    Thanks for your input, that really reassured me. My original plan was to always get it the first day that it comes out, however after the Consumer Reports I was a bit unsure and was thinking a lot today about if I should wait a bit after launch to purchase it. I plan on getting a bumper (case) with the phone, which is said to help prevent issues with the antenna. I have read that AT&T is partially to blame for the poor signal quality in the USA, and hoping that I purchase a good working Iphone 4, and don't have any issues with the Rogers network. Thanks again for your time, love your blogs, I read them all everyday at work

  • mackman6151

    you sir are my hero 🙂 lol….let's chalk it up to AT&T's less than stellar coverage. What I'm wondering is if the phone is locked to Rogers, and we go to the USA, if when it roams will it suffer from signal degredation issues?

  • mackman6151

    hmmm software-based unlock, but not on a jailbroken device?!….how did they get the source code/native scripts to run?

  • Ex

    Unfortunately, yes.

    Even if the phone is Rogers or Bell or whoever, we'll still be on AT&T and hence experience failing reception.

  • rorypiper

    It is jailbroken, you just can't tell from this photo.

  • rorypiper

    Well said, Ex.

  • Guest

    Please also note, that although visually you did not see any drop in bars, the signal degradation could still be occurring. Without an Rf meter or being in an area with mid range reception.. Well have to wait. You never know! Once apple releases the software antenna bar calculation update, there may be more people complaining of issues because now they will be even MORE visible.

  • SF

    Hi, I have a question. When Apple said they got the formula wrong and now they will use AT&T formula to calculate the number of bars, how will this patch affect in showing the number of bars from Canadian carriers? Do all carriers use this same formula?

  • rorypiper

    Planetbeing has posted a video, talking about the unlock. We've got it up over at iEvolution dot ca.

  • smui

    Hi guys i was wondering if go to to canada from the usa and pick up an unlocked iphone 4g on release day, can i use the 3g internet service with t-mobile? or will it be edge again?

    thanks guys

  • Bee

    Hey Ex,
    what about the faulty proximity sensor? Could that be fixed with a software update?
    Has it influenced your decision to buy the iPhone 4?
    Thanks 🙂

  • Zee

    Ex, if what you said here will work in Canada properly, than OMG I will love you forever. You've hyped me up even more to get this phone. Let's just hope that you are right and things won't be a problem!

    P.S. Have you experienced in sensor issues?

  • Ex

    In my uses, the sensor worked fine. So I can't comment on that.

  • Ex

    My goal is not to hype, simply to inform.

  • Truman

    Good evening gentlemen and ladies,
    Just lost my trusty 3G-S, don't know that I can make it till canadian release day (whenEVER that is), so I may end up zippin down to the good ol' red-white-and-blue to pick up one american-stylez. do they make micro-sims available in canada for any other phone yet? or will they only be available once the iphone 4 comes out?
    Thank you kindly.

  • Thanks, post updated!

  • rorypiper

    You gotta remember that US iPhone 4's are locked to AT&T, no matter where you get them or how much you pay. microSIMs for voice aren't sold in Canada yet, but I've heard of people trimming their regular SIM, to fit the micro tray.

  • rorypiper

    Will be EDGE, as T-Mobile's 3G is a different frequency than the iPhone uses. As far as I know.

  • Joe

    Does that mean the unlock tool will unlock 3GS running OS4 as well?

  • djepsilon

    Thank you! I've been waiting a long time to hear this information. Let's hope your iPhone 4 experience is the same for the rest of the users in Canada.

  • Ritestar

    When you buy an IPhone 4 in Canada, do you have to sign up for a contract? If yes, then what good is the unlocking? I thought there was going to be an unlocked version from Apple released in Canada. Is that still the thought?

  • Blah

    Unlocking is great if you buy it on contract with say Bell and then want to be able to use your phone on different networks while travelling…. I brought my jailbroken and unlocked 3GS to China and used a local sim card while i was there… worked great!

  • Ex

    Full price iPhone when bought from Apple Store = no contract and unlocked

  • JimRodger

    If you hit up a Roger Plus store they will(should) have MicroSIM cards for iPhone in addition to the ones for iPad.

  • Byoung

    It seems that as long as some barrier exists between the antenna and your hand this will help prevent the signal loss. Has anyone thought about just a little globe of clear nail polish? Also, I wonder if Apple will become so frustrated being blamed for AT&T's poor signal that they will finally jump ship to another carrier, or just open it up to all who come.

  •  Xaroc

    The iGlove would work too lol.
    Your idea may work, but the fact it needs to be done in the first
    tells me, a little tweaking needs to be done before I throw my

    But I want an iGlove… Lol

  • louie

    hey Dev like it?? But has anyone successfully unlocked iPhone 4 from bell running IOS 5.1.1 and Base band 04.12.01 as ????? i am from Australia love to now is it possible can it be dun.