iPhone 4: The Voice Recorder Used for Hockey Sound Bites


The best time of the year has arrived–the NHL Playoffs start today. Last night, CBC had their Hockey Night in Canada (HNIC) Playoff preview. In one of the interviews of Kevin Bieksa from the Canucks, I noticed an iPhone 4 being used to record the sound bite.

In today’s day and age, smartphones are turning into the all-in-one gadgets, and the iPhone 4 is no exception. Traditional devices are being affected, as yesterday we saw the demise of the Flip Video camera.

Who’s your pick for taking home Lord Stanley this year? You can listen to the Canucks games on your iPhone via the CHUM radio app.


  • MkDonald

    Look at that poor SOB with the digital voice recorder. How de-masculinating(at least in the presense of the iPhone 4)

  • Momo

    Canucks are gonna choke!

  • justinwu86

    wow garry…did you just start watching hockey? good observation. reporters have been using iphones for post game reports for a few years now.

  • Vas

    Canucks – Boston final, with the Canucks bring home Lord Stanley’s Cup in 7 games.

  • Jonduke

    Canucks will choke like last year, just like the Penguins and the Capitals… We will get a weird final like last year so I predict Habs Vs Anaheim.

  • smudged

    To the right of the iPhone 4 looks like another iPhone!