Rumour: iPhone 5 With Slide Out Keyboard? Hell No


Lots of iPhone rumours today. First, we heard about the iPhone Nano (check out mockups here), and now AppleInsider reports on the rumours of iPhone 5 prototypes seen with a slide out keyboard, via a Taiwanese website:

The new details come from, but are the result of a rough online translation. The site’s source claimed that Apple has built three prototype models for its anticipated “iPhone 5,” and one of them has a “sliding cover” that conceals a keyboard.

Another prototype reportedly built by Apple looks largely like the iPhone 4, but has improved hardware including longer battery life and superior camera. That version of the handset would not be a major physical change from the previous-generation iPhone 4, and would be akin to the iPhone 3GS replacing the iPhone 3G, the report said.

Ain’t gonna happen.

Remember this? Steve Jobs introducing the original iPhone, in 2007:

“What’s wrong with their user interfaces? Well, the problem with them is really in the bottom 40 there. It’s this stuff right here [screen shows physical keyboards]. They all have these keyboards that are there whether you need them or not to be there. And they all have these control buttons that are fixed in plastic.”

Fast forward to 5:05:

I don’t see Apple going back in time, and introducing a physical keyboard. That’s the last thing Steve Jobs would ever do.

What do you think? Do you still crave a physical keyboard?

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  • With only one model of phone, Apply might be diversifying it’s line up for iPhone5. Regular, mini, slide-out keyboard. I wouldn’t be too surprised if Apple is at the very least considering it but we’ll see if they follow through with it. I personally don’t like landscape slide-out keyboard but I’m sure a bunch of people out there do. It’s not made for you and I, Gary =P

  • Apple definitely is diversifying, but I don’t see them going back to
    keyboards. That goes against their mantra. The video shows it all. I would
    think this ‘prototype’ was just included to prevent or discover where leaks
    are coming from in their supply chain.

    Yes, you are right, no physical keyboards for me 😉

  • Nick

    Interesting that he mentions multitasking in that video.. and yet multitasking took a long time to happen

  • AnonymousGuy

    If the physical keyboard rumor originated in “Taiwan”, it’s obviously fake. Yes, Jobs is dead set against physical keyboards, so it’s not going to happen. What we’ll most likely see in the iPhone 5 is a faster CPU and GPU, a 64GB model, updated 12MP cam with 1080P video, and more built-in apps.

  • AnonymousGuy

    Other possible changes could also be a larger 4″ screen, and either elimination of the home button or relocation of it, to the side of the phone below the volume controls.

  • Keziekat

    Prefer a gamepad. Real time games are horrible on the iPhone with on screen controls.

  • Apple would do good to Offer a “Case” that has the built in sliding keyboard on the back as an accessory
    Connect it via Bluetooth giving the users the option for a slim iPhone, or a thicker iPhone with the sliding keyboard (with the case of course)

  • randomrazr

    where cna i buy that case with built in keyboard?

  • Paulskiogorki

    I am one year into using my 3Gs. I love my iPhone but I hate, HATE, the onscreen keyboard. I hate the one on iPad too nit I haven’t got used to it by now I probably won’t. If RIM has a decent web experience on Storm I will switch.

  • Sparky

    Haha that video made me excited! (Not sexually!…) I can’t wait for it to come out!!

  • Hank

    Taiwan is part of the Republic of China. iPhones are Made in China … possibly Taiwan. If we are to go with your “obviously fake if it’s from Taiwan” comment, does that mean some iPhones sold by Apple themselves are fake? Please try not to stereotype. It just shows the “obvious” in you. Lol!

  • Alsaydali

    Hope not………… please do not do that apple

  • Anonymous

    No use for a physical keyboard. I went to iPhone precisely to get away from them. I can’t type on those annoying tiny little keys.

  • Neodoru

    Let’s not forget he was talking about keyboards below the screen!!

  • AnonymousGuy

    iPhones are NOT made in Taiwan. All major components of the iPhone 4 (processor, display screen, internal storage and battery) come from Korean companies. It’s made in Korea, and assembled in Taiwan. Big difference there. Also, I meant the rumor is obviously fabricated (fake being a wrong choice of words). Although China does happen to be the counterfeit capital of the world, I can see why you thought I was stereotyping LOL.

  • TK


    Anyone hear about the addition of a slide out Rotary Dial? That would be great.. ah we need a delay for accessing Safari also so the modem dial up has enough time to play through.

  • S3c0nd4ry

    go switch and stop complaining on an iphone dedicated website.

  • S3c0nd4ry

    Id feel more comfortable with you being a whiny BB user than a dumb iPhone user.

  • S3c0nd4ry

    Good call Mena

  • Dev

    They should make two models of the iPhone 5 to release. In June when the iPhone 5 comes out, one should be like the previous iPhones and another model which is the exact same as the other iPhone 5 but with a slide-out keyboard so users could buy an iPhone 5 with a physical keyboard or like all the other iPhones. Give the buyers freedom.

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  • Asds34

    I love everything about the iphone 4s EXCEPT the keyboard. Takes me 4 times as long to type e-mails; especially when switching between 2 or 3 languages. 

  • Your Retarded

    Its called going to settings… You can take off 2 languages!