iPhone 5s vs. HTC One (M8) [VIDEO]


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Taiwanese Android smartphone manufacture HTC has today announced its newest flagship smartphone with an old name i.e the HTC One (M8), and the folks over at iMore have already put up a quick video comparing it with Apple’s flagship iPhone 5s. Similar to the last year’s model, the new HTC One is also milled from a single piece of aluminum, though it still looks and feels quite different from the iPhone 5s.

“The stark disparity in size is the biggest differentiator here, of course. The iPhone 5s has a 4-inch display, while the new HTC towers over it at 5 inches. And that’s just the displays. The iPhone 5s actually stands 4.87 inches tall. The new HTC One? Nearly a full inch taller at 5.7 inches. The phones just feel different as well, and perhaps that has a lot to do with the size”.

Despite being significantly lighter, the iPhone 5s feels a lot more solid than the HTC One. The iPhone 5s weighs 112 grams (3.95 ounces) while the HTC One is 160 grams (5.64 ounces). While both are very well built, the iPhone 5s fits much more nicely in your hand, which is perhaps why it feels more solid. But then again, this is only a subjective comment. I believe both are very different phones for very different people.

Here’e the video comparison of HTC One (M8) and iPhone 5s:


  • Jason Reid

    Still better than Samsung!

  • Tim

    I don’t know about the HTC One, but I can say that since switching to the Nexus 5 I haven’t looked back. iOS 7 feels like crippleware compared to Android Kitkat. I’ve said this before and people reply that it’s all about the apps…yes, I agree, and in a lot of cases, the apps work better on Android because they have more leverage with the OS. Take Fongo, for instance, I used it on my iphone and now on Android. On the latter it integrates into my phone to the point where it feels like a native dialer, incoming calls act as an always on service, rather than the push notifications that iOS restricts developers to. This makes the iOS implementation really clunky. The examples continue.

    I really believe that if you put a Nexus 5 in the hands of iPhone users for a few weeks, the majority would not go back. I don’t think a bigger screen is even going to do it for Apple. My Nexus 5 is like a portable computer in my pocket, my iphone, was… more like a toy. Anybody that has even a little nerd in them should be on Android. Anyone who jailbreaks an iphone should be on Android. An iphone is a great product, but there are choices out there now that may work better for a lot of people, especially those that frequent tech blogs 😉

    Let the flaming begin 🙂

  • Tony

    I completely agree with you! I’ve been an avid Apple user for 10+ years as well as an iPhone user since the first day the 3G was released. Since getting my Nexus 5 a month and a half ago I can’t even bear using an iPhone as much as I used to. Vanilla Android has proved to be super smooth and intuitive. It doesn’t limit you as much as Apple does in shackling its users. I still enjoy the quality and look of Apple products (iPad mini) although I’m increasingly open to the idea of Android.

  • moz

    After having tried Android for a month I must say that I’m really impressed of how good it can be (and that is based on tests made on a cheap chineese phone). Now that’s being said I would still rather buy an iPhone (jailbrokenable) because of the security that it provides (regarding viruses, identy stealing, popups). BUT now that I know what Android can do (SD card slot, replaceable battery, themes, ….) I would definately buy and Android tablet instead of an iPad!

  • Stefan

    iOS will eventually catch up. Do you remember when you could not multitask on iPhone? That was really F-ed up! Apple will open the iOS more when they are ready, and when they are sure that it is not going to cause big bugs and security issues.

    With each feature that is added, a new loophole is potentionaly opened. If you are adding features to fast and not you are not fixing bugs at 2x greater pace you are going to end up with Android.

    Android is full of security holes.

  • Anon

    The only Android phone that can match the build quality of the iPhone.

  • Anon

    I probably would of switch a while back had I not invested over $150 in iPhone apps, and about another $100+ in tunes. It’s probably what preventing some from switching.