iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus Launch Date in Canada: Sept. 12 Pre-Order, Sept. 19 Release


Apple announced today their new 4.7” iPhone 6 and 5.5” iPhone 6 Plus. The company also announced both models will launch in Canada as part of the first wave of countries on September 19. The Canadian pre-order date is this Friday, September 12.

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Two year contract pricing for the US is as follows:

iPhone 6

  • 16GB for $199
  • 64GB for $299
  • 128GB for $399

iPhone 6 Plus

  • 16GB for $299
  • 64GB for $399
  • 128GB for $499

As for pricing here, based on what we’ve seen over the past few years…we’d guess it would be $30 more on contract here in Canada (the entry iPhone 5s was $229 at launch on Rogers, Telus and Bell).

Unlocked pricing is going to be more expensive for the iPhone 6 Plus by a $100 per model we’re guessing, compared to last year’s starting price of $719.

So maybe $719/$819/$919 for iPhone 6 and $819/$919/$1019 for iPhone 6 Plus?

Update: Apple has released its unlocked iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus pricing here.


  • Chris Zhu

    I’m planning to get one of the new iPhones unlocked > <
    Wondering when I can get my hands on one

  • iPhony

    Game changer!

  • Duh!

    The title of the article states exactly what you are asking!

  • Steve K

    Pricing for unlocked phones from Apple is in the Apple Store App.

  • Steve K

    Unlocked phones available in-store September 19 @ 8:00am

  • dude

    6 = 749/859/969 6+ =859/969/1079

  • Dan

    Do you guys know what time will the pre order start?

  • Expecting it to be midnight PDT/3AM EDT on Friday, Sept 12.

  • Dan

    Thanks Gary

  • Steve

    Sorry, just to clarify… that’s tomorrow night at midnight?

  • Michelle

    Costro he already iPhone 6 16GB loved gruadution forever Done already pareses She can have

  • Michelle

    From High School