iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test Shows How ‘Bendable’ the Device Is [VIDEO]


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Earlier this morning there was a story about how some users accidentally managed to bend their iPhone 6 Plus units just by having it in their pockets. While the bending of iPhones (or any other smartphone) is not new, of course it’s going to make headlines with the larger 5.5-inch 6 Plus.

Canadian YouTube channel UnboxTherapy decided to show just how much force it takes to bend an iPhone 6 Plus. Check it out below:

The bottom line: if you have your iPhone 6 Plus in the back pocket of your skinny jeans, and you’re a heavy person that sits down on the device, there’s a good chance you’ll bend it or crack the screen. It’s called common sense, people.

Update: Here’s the same bend test but with a Samsung Galaxy Note 3:


  • WatDah

    No joke, I saw this test coming. But to be fair, they should bend other aluminum phones too, so we can compare.

  • Tim

    I think this will hurt apple stock once the media jumps on this.

  • Ken

    we should give Apple a break cus they are new to the large smartphone market.

  • K3

    …can’t believe someone would spend so much on a device then take a chance with putting it in there back pockets anyway.

  • Bend-gate? Because aluminum can bend?

  • Steve

    I hear a voice from the heavens “You’re putting it in your pocket wrong”.

  • Anon

    Now we all know why Samsung makes their phones out of plastic. lol 😉

  • DC

    So, can they bend the iPad mini too? Its back is also aluminium. Of course not. You won’t put iPad mini in your front or back pocket. It’s common sense that a device that big should not be put into jean’s pocket. Same as 6 plus. A phablet that big is not designed to put into front or back pocket. Period.

  • STFU

    Do you even know that Android phablets have been around for more than 2 years? you need to STFU than making dumb comments like this about having a phone in a front pocket, where else would a guy keep his phablet? hang it around the neck?

  • Anon

    I’d like to see them try to bending an HTC One. That thing is one solid block of aluminum.

  • Totally. Solution? Buy another one.

  • I was reading this news this am… and I can’t stop banging my forehead…. I feel people since they have a smartphone, they don’t need to think anymore ??? Just like you said Gary… COMMON SENSE….

    It’S a bigger phone and aluminium… of course it’s more fragile… I’m sorry to be hard, but if you are dumb enough to spend more that 500 (or 900$, for unlock) on a phone and put in your back pocket and SIT on it… then you should it put it back in the box and return it… YOU don’t deserve to own an iPhone… I think Fisher Price are still doing some plastic model for you 🙂

    And let’s be honest, all the videos trying to break it or bend it… PLEASE get a life or leave the devices to people who really wants it…

    Of it remind me, one day, i did leave a little bag of Oreo cookies in my back pocket and sat on it… OMG… They were in bad shape…. Damn, I should have done a youtube video about it…

  • Anon

    They are placing it their front pocket and sitting. The guy in the other article wearing a suit, claims in the forums that his pants are loose fit (not skinny tight), didn’t feel any restrictive pressure on the phone, and supposedly could even feel the phone in his pocket.

  • I’m sorry Anon, i understand but even in the front pocket…. (even if the pants are slightly loose), when you sit, the tissus / pocket bend… so what will be inside, will bend since it follow the pant… I dont believe in magic to bend aluminium… We all know it’s not that hard to bend but it takes some constant pressure on it (as you can see on the video).

    But sadly, if you wanted something to carry easily in your pocket you shouldn’t buy the 6 plus… and stick with the 4S…. yes the 4S…. because even the 5 / 5S is starting to be big for pockets (and not so conformable when you sit).

  • DC

    Too bad it bends. Google “HTC One bends” and you will find tons of bended HTC One’s reports. It’s almost inevitable if you don’t put it in the right place.

  • Anon

    Tons? I only see one report from someone that claims his was bent near the camera, out of the box.

  • Steve

    Actually, the Note 3 has just recently been proven to be a lot stronger than the 6 Plus in a bend test. See the UnboxTherapy Note 3 Bend test video in my other comment below.

  • Michele

    Looks flimsy. Sorry but I am loving my durable and more powerful samsung galaxy s5. I knew I made the right choice. I am enjoying my 3rd moving wallpapers right now! I also have waterproof and dust proof phone. It is so fast. Love love it! Also I don’t support a company that uses suicide nets for their slave labor. Yes I will avoid China…..Japan is much better. Suck it apple heads…..if you never tried a Samsung. just don’t know what you’re missing.

  • einsteinbqat

    Really? We are comparing the plasticity of a rubberised plastic phone (Note) to the all metal phone (iPhone)? And the guy wonders why the Note does not keep the bent form compared to the iPhone? Are we serious here?

  • Steve

    It has a Metal frame. The fact that it didn’t break or bend when placed under very extreme physical stress, is a testament to its durability. The guy was cracking on it, as hard as he could, more so than the iPhone. I generally don’t like Samsung phones either, but you got to give it at least that. I was quite surprised of the outcome, and was totally expecting the “cheap samsung plastic phone” to break in half.

  • einsteinbqat

    Metal frame or not, it’s all physics. Metal will bend. Elasticity, plasticity, elastic/plastic deformation. We all learnt that in high school and college.

  • hub2

    Metal will bend, sure, but joining it properly to other materials can make it more resistant to stresses.

    With the Note, I can definitely see how, when trying to bend it, the plastic deforms a bit while bearing the brunt of the bending forces, so the amount reaching the metal is much less. And of course plastic returns to its original form if not stressed too badly.

  • WatDah

    Wow. How misinformed can one possibly get, and then goes on to “enemy territory” to take a dump, but stepped on it on the way out.

  • WatDah

    That was quite impressive! Now let’s see one with an all aluminum built like the iPhone.

  • the6ee6

    First of all where the hell is Japan in any of this? Samsung is KOREAN you troll, and yes most of their smartphones are also made in china by FOXCONN (a company that also makes PS3, PS4, xbox 360, Wii etc) the same company apple uses.

  • IS

    Even though I LOVE Apple products, I can’t believe some people are as dumb as this guy…. I wonder if he even has a brain to get a proper degree from university lol how can someone even think like this? haha i’m speechless…

  • websnap

    It would be more impressive if the structure already had a weak point like the 6 Plus did.

  • websnap

    How is no one mentioning that the iPhone bent so easily compared to the Note because the phone nada weak point to begin with and the note did not?

  • Big Bad Mamoo

    Are you suggesting that this isn’t a fair comparison because Samsung didn’t put in a weak spot? I’d suggest this is a design flaw in the iPhone and possibly not found in other designs.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Anyone consider its not just the metal bending but the screen and Internals? I’m sorry but after such a short time this is unacceptable IMO. Had a bad feeling about this phone from the early leaks and glad I decided to hold off. Also disappointed in some of the “fan boys” on this sites reactions. There is nothing wrong with carrying a phone in your pocket. If the phone can’t stand up to that there is something wrong with the phone, not the user.

  • websnap

    No, not about how the phone was made but how the video was made. The whole reason the video was made was because the plus had initially been bent off screen – causing a weak point. The first video then was made with that same phone with a weak point, naturally. I’m not saying either phone has an inherent weak point, but if you are going to actually compare them with the same stress in the same style, start from the same starting point.

    He put his thumb where the initial bend was and applied pressure in the plus. He started dead centre on the note where there was no previous fault.

  • Big Bad Mamoo

    Ahhhhh, I understand now!

    I wonder if the cutout for the volume controls are causing a week point

  • websnap

    Makes sense I guess, unless the cutouts were reinforced but I doubt that.

  • Kirk

    Omg so right man.. I don’t have the plus. I got the 6, but like are these people so stupid? It’s called f*cking common sense… Man people are dumb..

  • ssas

    You have a solid good point.