iPhone 6 Plus Unboxing and First Impressions [VIDEO]


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iPhoneinCanada’s Kris Meador was the first person out of the South Gate Apple Store in Edmonton this morning, thanks to his Reserve and Pick Up reservation. Here’s his quick unboxing video and some first impressions of his unlocked iPhone 6 Plus. Check it out below:

If you haven’t seen them yet, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus already have faced drop tests and complete teardowns.

The iPhone 6 launched in Canada today to massive line ups—which are still in progress—nationwide.

How are you liking the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus so far?


  • Gavin

    Glad to finally see a side by side with the 5s. Now I know what I will be getting myself into when I’m ready to upgrade.

    Also liked the video to enter the contest.

  • Elaine Leung

    Gotta say.. the packaging is horrible lol!

  • artikas

    Liked it – Thanks for the hands on review

  • Scott

    were you using RODE mic to record audio? if so, I would agree with the superior audio with this great unboxing!

  • Parksy

    Agreed. I haven’t opened mine yet as I’m now worried that the 6+ is too big. I need to see them in person. If I want the 6 I’m going to have to wait which sucks as I have the 6+ in front of me.

  • still waiting

  • Vic

    Thanks god I have preordered 6, I play with 6+ in Burlington today and it is way to big for me and my pocket, I was not able to text one hand.

  • Rick

    Im curious to see how the zagg glass fits with the leather case 🙂

  • Sierra

    Whatever you do, don’t open it until you get home. I opened my 6 Plus while walking to my car. While pulling open the box I accidentally dropped it on the concrete pavement. The screen didn’t crack, but I put a nasty dent on the side and scratched the back. FML! Going to see if I can exchange it for a new one.

  • Mike Rhynold

    Jealous…pre-ordered through Bell. When the doorbell rang this morning, I was so excited. Open the shipping packaging…wrong colour. Wanted silver, got space gray. Hoping it doesn’t take weeks to the replacement. I shouldn’t be watching these videos. It’s just making it worse.

  • Tim

    Thankfully I didn’t order a Zagg invisible shield and instead spent 99 cents on ebay for my two plastic films (postage included).

  • BrodieTheDog

    I liked it. Thanks for the review.

  • Eli

    was it the 6plus?

  • Mike Rhynold

    Yeah 6+. I’ve already seen the shipping estimates at 6-8 weeks. Bloody hell. Bell sales rep (over the phone) said to me they have them in stock and it would ship next week. Maybe there is some different allotment because I pre-ordered. I will be shocked if I get it so soon. Fingers crossed.

  • hub2

    Sympathies, but Apple’s put the iPhone right under the top cover (i.e. easy to fall out) going at least as far back as the iPhone 3G in 2008, so this shouldn’t have been a surprise. It’s definitely not meant to be opened while walking or even if you’re not right over a table.

  • Triacc77

    Always love your reviews, Kris. And I absolutely love your giddiness! Enjoy!

  • Kris Meador

    lol – I didn’t realize how excited I sounded until I rewatched it a couple of times. I am still very excited with this phone. I LOVE the extra screen space. I’m sorry I ever made fun of people using their big Samsung phones. I can see why they love them.

  • Kris Meador

    Works really well. The screen shield is cut to only cover teh touch screen, so the combo works nicely.

  • Kris Meador

    Yup, the RODE LAV mic. I love it. It makes unboxings and stuff where I’m moving a round a lot easier and better sounding. Thanks.

  • Kris Meador

    Yeah, I’m still not a fan of it either. Very dull.

  • Kris Meador

    Every time I pick up the 5s or the 5c, I feel like I’m going to crush them. They feel so small now.