iPhone 6s Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Speedtest [VIDEO]

YouTube channel PhoneBuff is back with another speedtest, this time pitting the iPhone 6s Plus versus the Galaxy Note 5. Each device goes through an unscientific timed test, opening a series of apps and reopening them. The first device to finish the series of actions first in the shortest time wins the test.

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Check out the video below:

If you take a look at the test above, even snapping a Live Photo on the iPhone 6s Plus than a regular image being taken on the Galaxy Note 5. Blame Samsung’s ‘bloated’ TouchWiz for the slowdowns.

Early iPhone 6s benchmarks shared by AnandTech revealed the smartphone’s NAND controller combines PCI-E and NVMe, the first mobile solution to use both, which sets new mobile benchmarks according to the site’s preliminary tests.

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  • aaloo

    But but but, it’s octa core 🙂

  • Paul

    Donest mean anything my note 5 runs rings around my friends iPhone 6s plus. In normal everyday use note 5 destroyed it. Put them side by side and see how fast Google maps loads and finds your location, open the camera and take a photo, load Web pages. No one opens applications and uses there phone like that test!

  • Nuser


  • Shane

    Ha! Denial…

  • How many 6S Plus friends do you have already? The phone just came out. Somehow I doubt your claims.

  • Paul

    Mate I’m a tech happy nut and my friends too. Some love there iPhone others Samsung or different phones. Yes the phone just come out so that means it out my friend besides I had my note 5 weeks before due release in Australia. So for your information my best mates wife has a rose gold 6s plus and he has a note 5 aswell. Doubt all you like I’ve got nothing against apple. The IOS and the iPhone are a great ecosystem software and hardware combined 🙂

  • Paul

    Get both the phones and see for yourself haha!

  • Nuser

    Ok. Good your phone is faster.