Apple’s iPhone 6s Pre-Orders Go Live in Canada [u]


Apple has launched their iPhone 6s pre-orders for unlocked versions of their latest smartphones. Here are the prices for unlocked iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models in Canadian dollars:

iPhone 6s

16GB – $899
64GB – $1029
128GB – $1159

iPhone 6s Plus

16GB – $1029
64GB – $1159
128GB – $1289

iphone 6s pre-order

Of course, due to our lower Canadian dollar prices are more expensive compared to last year and even the recent price adjustment from March.

For those asking, the Reserve and Pick Up link is not live, so there’s no word whether it will be available tonight or in the future (cross your fingers).

What model did you order, and in what colour and storage capacity (long live 16GB!)? Did you use the Apple Store iOS app or order via

Update: You can check when your iPhone 6s will be delivered by entering your postal code here (thanks @nicolasLGA)

If you ordered an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus and the delivery date on your order acknowledgement email is “Delivers 25/9-29/9”, click here for more detailed delivery information for your area.

when will iphone arrive


  • MGSayah

    Ordered the iPhone 6S Plus 128gb Gold at 3:06am EST. The store went live so late…

  • Razvanet

    Reserve and Pick up is available, you have to go through the Apple Store app to get the correct link. The one posted here was not the correct one unfortunately. Happy Shopping.
    Was able to reserve at Eaton Center

  • matt

    my in store pickup just keeps loading whenever i type in my apple id info

  • Gordon

    Never seen the App Store so easy to get my order in. Needed to do a carrier upgrade so I reserved one to pick up in-store instead so they can do the upgrade process. 8AM on Friday

  • adam

    not sure that will work as you are reserving a “unlocked no sim” unit

  • Kelvin Tang

    Got 2 Rose Gold 64G, 2 Rose Gold 16G at Rideau Centre pick up… but requested me to send text msg for the third order.. never get any response..

  • Gordon

    There was an option just before I confirmed and it asked “iPhone with carrier” or “unlocked”. I’m hoping it works :S

  • Gordon

    Screenshot from the pick up in store option

  • faythebest

    Unfortunately not in town (Toronto) before the 28th so can’t pick up in store. But the pre-order process on my iPhone with the Apple store app was very smooth. Ordered iPhone 6S and 6S Plus 64GB space grey.

    Can’t wait to play with 3D Touch

    Good luck to you all and thanks again to iphoneincanada for the great work!

  • Helena

    hey guys can someone help me please? Has the preorders ended already? Please can someone answer me?

  • No they’re still available. Go order online from

  • Adam


  • Edge

    Thanks for the tip about using the iOS app store, came online for me after just a few minutes (maybe around 12:07, or 2:07 my time!). Ordered a silver 6S Plus with 64Gb. Aye, that’s a lot for a phone, and Apple is being smart about the 16Gb (not nice but good business sense). I have a love/hate relationship with Apple… great product, but not a fan of the 400-500% markup! Wish the dollar was a bit closer to par.

  • hub2

    Ditto. Love the new features. Hate that it starts at only 16 GB, and that optical image stabilization is STILL only on the Plus model, meaning a jump of $260 CAD pre-tax… plus I don’t *want* the Plus size in the first place.

    So screw this pre-order madness, I’m waiting til the fall or winter… maybe even hold out another year, unless my iPhone 5 dies first.