iPhone 7 Pre-Orders Made with Apple Pay Aren’t Being Charged to Credit Cards [u]


So we finally received our elusive 128GB Jet Black Phone 7 Plus pre-order yesterday, as it arrived earlier than its expected delivery period of September 27 – October 4. Early impressions? High-gloss Jet Black is damn sexy. But more on that later.

Jet black iphone 7 plus

Shortly after our iPhone was delivered, we received a phone call showing caller ID from Texas. ‘Ain’t nobody got time’ to answer unknown phone calls anymore, so we rejected the call to voicemail. Turns out the caller was Apple.

According to the voicemail left by the Specialist (Transcription Beta was about 75% accurate):

“After processing your order, we were actually encountering issues and unable to collect on the payment that we originally obtained for your iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black. To resolve this issue, you are going to have to contact us. You can contact me directly to provide us with a new form of payment. Thank for your assistance in the matter and thank you for choosing Apple.”

So we are required to call back Apple to provide them with payment info again, which as you can understand is a total pain right now, as their call centres are under heavy demand.

According to Amex over the phone, they saw charge attempts yesterday by Apple, but the transactions were declined. The reason provided was “mobile or device token has been cancelled or suspended.”

Amex explained our card was in good standing and nothing was wrong on our end, but the problem was related to how Apple was processing our payment. When we placed our pre-order at midnight, we saw the pre-authorization go through via the Amex iOS app.

Others have had similar issues with their pre-orders and Apple Pay, as iPhone in Canada reader Anthony explains the deactivation of his iPhone 6 (used to preorder an Apple Watch Series 2), also ended up revoking his pre-authorized transactions. He also had to call Apple back to re-charge his card.

There’s no concrete explanation yet on why this is happening, but we’ll share and update this post once we hear back from Apple.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Update: Okay, so we just got off the phone with Apple, and according to the Specialist, there was an issue “in the middle ground” between their systems and Amex, being unable to see credit card numbers associated, so they are calling back all customers to verify they are not being charged twice.

The Specialist explained the one-time Apple Pay token used for pre-order pre-authorizations cannot be used again to place the final charge, especially when there is a delay due to stock being unavailable. So when it came to charge our Amex when our iPhone 7 Plus was ready to ship, they were unable to charge our card again. This situation is “very popular” right now, according to the Specialist, and he was seeing the issue so far with Amex and Apple Pay, for customers in Canada and the USA.


  • Chris

    I used Apple Pay (Tangerine) for my preorder and had no issues at all.

  • Parksy

    And what happens if you don’t call them back? Is the RCMP going to knock on the door or will Apple just disable your phone.

  • Guest

    Interesting. Case 1 is less likely, case 2 doesn’t hurt too much. Worth a try.

  • swotam

    The credit card company has to process the transaction one way or another, since they initially approved the charge. I expect that if someone never calls back, Apple would have to go through normal collection procedures to get the money, which presumably they would prefer not to do.

  • swotam

    In my case it made sense, because the device I used to pre-order my Apple Watch was erased a sold a few days later to help fund my iPhone 7 Plus. AMEX basically told me that the pre-authorized transaction was no longer valid because the device used to make the purchase was no longer active.

    The only difference in my case is that the Watch is still in transit so I haven’t received it yet.

  • KS

    Hey Gary, do post a lot of pics of your (plural) iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black, and tell us what you think! I’m still torn between Black and Jet Black. (That’s right, I didn’t read the article past the pictures.)

  • Will do, will post a quick hands-on impressions post this week hopefully!

  • Well, that would be theft–and also Apple has all your contact information so…

    …maybe a personal visit from the Apple executive team? PAY US OR ELSE NO iOS 11 FOR YOU!

  • Riddlemethis

    Lol. What will happen is your $1200 iPhone will end up costing you over $2000 after litigation costs and possible charges of fraud in addition to halving a blacklisted phone.

  • Yeah, the rep said so far, hasn’t seen any cases of other cards aside from Amex…

  • jmcd102

    Glad you received it early.

  • KS

    Thank you!

  • Mike

    I tried to use ApplePay with a TD card to preorder but got a text saying the charge was declined. I called the bank and they saw no issue so I just used my card number instead. The bank later claimed there was some glitch in their system.

  • Kirk

    I had a similar credit card issue but it never related to AMEX, I use RBC. They noticed that night when I had pre-ordered that it was an irregular transaction because of the amount of the purchases, and also because I bought the watch and iPhone. So Apple had kept my transaction (thank god) but put my preorder spot on hold until a payment was rectified. I got an email from Apple saying they will keep trying and in 7 days cancel the order. I had to call Royal bank and tell them please give authorization to Apple then it went through fine and my pre-orders never lost their spot in line. Scared the shit out of me though… I had no ideal that night the transactions failed.

  • kiwi

    same thing happened to me. Initially I used Apply Pay and a couple days laters I noticed the transaction was declined. I edit the payment info using physical card # and it’s ok. Fortunately I didn’t lose my place for the reserced pickup. (made the change even before Apply emailed me later the day)

  • Mike

    I got a text so I knew right away. Apple also emailed me several hours later letting me know that it failed.

    I am still not quite sure whether it’s TD or Apple’s fault

  • Matt

    I preordered with Apple Pay and used my AMEX. I had the charge showing as pending right away and then it dropped off my card. Went to pick up my order at the Apple Store and 2 days later my account finally showed the charge. Didn’t get a call though and didn’t have to give my payment info again.

  • poopchute

    Why call them back?
    That’s a waste of your time.
    Let them call you back. There’s no chance that they won’t.