First iPhone 7 Line Ups Start Outside Apple Store in Toronto


We know people start lining up outside Apple Stores really early in New York City, but what about Canada? This morning, the line up had already started outside the Apple Store location at Eaton Centre in Toronto, with two people waiting, armed with their camp chairs and other supplies (via @swotam).


However, given the news from Apple earlier the iPhone 7 Plus models have sold out and won’t be available in stores (along with all Jet Black models), these guys may be disappointed.

As it currently stands, the line up has appeared to have dissipated to be replaced by these alleged people standing in line (or just hanging out; via @swotam):

Apple store eaton line

The case was different down in Sydney, Australia, though. According to the TabTimes, here’s the video reaction of the first guy in line, when he found out he’s been waiting for nothing, since iPhone 7 Plus and all Jet Black models won’t be available:

But, there is some consolation—the Apple Store gave him and others $100 store gift cards for the disappointment.

Have you seen any other iPhone 7 lines across Canada at Apple Stores? Or even outside Best Buy? Apple’s iPhone 7 launch is tomorrow and first wave of pre-orders have already shipped.


  • Dany Quirion

    do they know the iphone 7 plus is sold out? XD

  • Probably why the first guys left…

    …this new line up, just some seniors chatting away (is that guy picking his teeth or his nose?)

  • swotam

    2 of the 3 in the second photo wandered off a couple of minutes later, only the lady in yellow was still around but I expect she’s waiting for someone in the store (it’s packed as usual). Store staff told me they expect to have “some phones”, but of course they have no idea really. Same for Series 2 Watch, they “should have some”.

    Eaton Center store will open at 8:00 am tomorrow for anyone who wants to try their luck.

  • I don’t get why their is still lines. Way easier and faster to just pre-order online at 3AM ESTERN time.

  • Agreed. Lined up for the first time way back for iPhone 4. Never doing that again!

  • Mike

    Ordered mine on Sept 9th at 3am says delivery on Sept 16 however it’s currently in Louisville KY and needs to be in Windsor tomorrow. Hope that’s normal.

  • sully54

    i would hardly call that a line. more like loitering.

  • swotam

    The first two were definitely waiting, they had camp chairs and all that stuff. The second bunch we just waiting for people who were in the store. As it stands right now, there’s no line.

  • swotam

    Forensic examination of the original image suggests he’s scratching his face. Still, unclear where the pinkie finger is… 0_0

  • swotam

    Yeah, lined up at Square One for the 4 back in the day. Never again.

  • KIM O’Neill

    yes that is normal

  • Mike


  • joe

    No one there now.

  • Anson

    The line is outside the Eaton centre,on Albert Street
    there are only few people when I was there 12:30pm

  • Kirk

    UPS is never updated live, mines in KY as well and I live in Toronto. Time travel always happens when it comes to UPS

  • Kirk

    you gotta admit it was a nice experience though… yeah? …Yeah?? LOL I lined up for the iPhone 4 as well……never again… lol

  • Kirk


  • Agreed. I lined up for the first few iPhones and iPads but for the last couple I’ve gone with the pre-order / reserve. The lines were fun and all but the fascination is definitely over for me.
    These people lining up now are just stupid.

  • Yes, it actually was pretty fun! Great people in line, got to meet lots of readers too. But it’s a toil on the body. #neveragain

  • Ex

    LOL! Waited in the cold, rain, etc and then nothing but $100. How much is your time worth?

    He says “Next year the iPhone 7S won’t be as big”. Hahahahaha. Somehow I doubt his Apple accuracy.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    I stood in line only once – and it was for the iPhone 4 too. That phone was worth the wait! This was in Palo Alto – so I was hoping Steve Jobs might swing by since he was known to pop in there. No dice, but interestingly there were a lot of Googlers in line.

  • Jonni Martinez

    hahahaha my brother is in line ..hes the first ones with the chairs