Camera Shootout: iPhone 7 vs. Google Pixel vs. Galaxy S7 Edge


Google pixel phone shootout 2 0

Google claims that its new flagship Pixel phone features the best smartphone camera anyone has ever made. To put Google’s claims to the test, the folks over The Verge tested the Google Pixel’s camera head to head with the Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 7 in an extensive shootout. Turns out the gap between the three cameras is much closer than one would imagine, and the differences are often quite subtle.

Google was right to boast about the quality of that rear-facing camera. In many ways it is every bit as good or better than the ones on the iPhone 7 or the Galaxy S7. You could make the argument that Apple offers a “flatter,” more true-to-life image, or at least one that is better suited for editing. But the chances are that many people don’t want that, or at the very least, it’s not as big a deal-breaker as the rest of a phone’s features.

For the better part of the last decade, one of the biggest demands from people in the market for a premium smartphone was a great camera. These days, though, it’s a feature you should expect. A good smartphone camera is no longer the deciding factor it once was if only because it’s now so common to find one in a high-end phone.

The comparison took into account factors such as dynamic range, colour saturation and accuracy, sharpness, detail, speed and low-light performance. Check out the comparison photos below and share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Comparison 4

Comparison 8

Comparison 2




  • rexiburns

    Out of the pictures above I like the s7 edge then apple then pixel. The pixel just seemed to dark to me

  • veritas_ad_infinitum

    In terms of most likes: 1) iPhone 7 2) Pixel 3) S7. This comparison took me a good 13-15 mins, all these cameras are excellent. iPhone 7 wins it for me because of the details in sky shots. I find it handles low light the best of the 3.

  • n8

    I don’t think HDR+ is on with the pixel, some of the highlights in the pictures are blown out and that almost never happens with that sensor. That being said the pixel for still photos doesn’t seem to be a whole lot different from the 6p, the pictures tend to be darker and closer to under exposure than over. That’s not a bad thing though, as the 6p for me is the best camera currently out for still photos.

  • William Ross

    It is the iPhone in Canada website, so no surprise that they’d hobble the pixel to get a more favorable outcome for the iPhone. And, I mean the Pixel has been shredding the iPhones in every other head to head comparison I’ve seen. And, it’s really not even close. But, they definitely do not have HDR+ engaged here. That said. I loved my 6p as well, but the Pixel truly outclasses it.

  • FragilityG4

    The pictures are from The Verge as noted above. I’m sure the reviews about the Pixel you’ve read elsewhere are not that of Android enthusiast … right?

  • FragilityG4

    They all look good. I can’t pick out a “best one” because to me not one of them is consistently better than the rest on all the shots. There seems, in my opinion, that each series of shots has a different winner.

  • FragilityG4

    I love your use of the word ‘proven’ when it’s all subjective. And don’t bother quoting technical stats as the Galaxy phones have more RAM than an iPhone yet it’s been ‘proven’ that the iPhone is faster. Look at the photos above and tell me there’s one phone that stands out as the best in all the series. Truthfully, they all look great and some phones look better than others in different series. But not one looks like a hands down winner. Sometimes you have to look at the photos for the results and not rely on reading the reviews. fAndroids will always love Androids and iSheep will always love iPhone … and that’s proven … oh and iPhone is the best hahaha!!

  • William Ross

    So, you actually believe that I’m not looking at the photos? Let’s make something perfectly clear. I’m not saying that the pixel is the best at all things smartphone, but I’ve seen enough comparisons to know that it’s camera is, hands down, superior to any version of the latest iPhone. However, I will not sit here and say that the Pixel manages it’s software more Swifty than the iPhone because I know it doesn’t. I have no problem granting iPhone as king of software management. Can you make any concessions?

  • FragilityG4

    I believe I did well before you ask me to do so 🙂 … I said that from the photos I can’t pick a winner and they all have positives and negatives depending on the situation of the photo. Had I not made a concession I would have said iPhone hands down is the best. That is not true … only in overall experience.

  • William Ross

    OK, good enough then. If you consider it a concession to say that the iPhone is on par. Then ok. Although, i consider a concession to be able to admit a defeat, not just say we’re equal. TBH, iPhones have been behind in cameras for awhile now. So, a true concession shouldn’t be that difficult. They’ve had some 7 years of experience in phone photography, and I think it’s a little disconcerting to iPhans to be bested by Google on its first time out. The dual camera is nothing new to android and Google simply aggregated those results from other OEMs and realized the dual camera approach isn’t there yet.

  • FragilityG4

    You’re eyes don’t tell you they’re on par? You’re not a bigger person if you admit defeat for the sake of admitting defeat.

  • poopchute

    These are all so close, there’s no way someone could claim one camera is definitely, or obviously better than the other. The only differences I see come down to the way the images are processed. The iPhone seems to apply the most NR. The Pixel adds a little too much sharpening, and not enough NR in low light shots. I like the balance between sharpening and NR with the S7, but the colors seem off in some shots.
    All in all, I would say these camera’s are equal in quality, but if I had to pick based on these shots, I’d probably pick the S7 as matching my preferences the closest.
    There’s no way I would give up my iPhone though.

  • Hahacz

    S7 = pixel > iPhone

  • Louie Kulla

    Iphone 7 always wins . Hands down ! The most complete , the safest , the only one with prestige .