These iPhone 7 Plus’ Portrait Mode Photos Will Blow You Away [PICS]


Gary yost portrait 1

Professional portrait photographer and filmmaker Gary Yost has just shared an impressive set of photos on his website, all of which were shot with an iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 10.1 beta in Portrait Mode. The pro photographer with 40 years of experience says that photos taken with the iPhone 7 Plus’ Portrait Mode are “indistinguishable from the real thing” for most viewers as far as presentation on the web is concerned (via BGR).

The bokeh effect obviously isn’t quite as accurate as optical results shot with a DSLR camera, but the difference is negligible when sharing photos on the internet or on social media. Yost said that the iPhone 7 Plus’ new Portrait Mode is particularly impressive in very good lighting, so you’ll want to ensure that your subject is well-lit when you start playing with the iOS 10.1 update yourself.

Apple released iOS 10.1 earlier today with Portrait Mode to public, which means iPhone 7 Plus owners who haven’t yet tested the feature in iOS 10.1 beta can now upgrade to the latest version and try it out as well. For those who aren’t aware, the Portrait Mode for iPhone 7 Plus simulates depth of field effects in photos, similar to what you see from higher-end dSLR cameras. 

The photographer has shared some a bunch of great portraits captured by him with his iPhone 7 Plus on his website, out of which a few have been shared below to give you an idea of how amazing the photos are. Take a look:

Gary yost portrait 2

Gary yost portrait 3

Gary yost portrait 4


  • Daniel Bley

    At a very precise distance from the object, maybe (close up in the pictures here). Now try to get the same results, but 2 meters or more away.

    I’m not saying the results aren’t good, because they are. I just think it’s annoying to see people “selling” this feature as good as a dslr (or even a mirror less), because it’s not.

  • Jeffery Tee

    The title is rather click bait-ish, no?

  • Quattro

    To restate his quote in a more honest tone… ” If you are a simpleton when it comes to photography and are content with typical ‘snapshots’, then these ‘will do’ ”

    Personally, I find the smudged edges around things like hair to be very distracting.

  • bionicmonk

    No one has sold it as “good as dslr”.. even Tim Cook said “don’t throw your DSLRs away just yet” on the stage, as he was presenting it.

  • Daniel Bley

    “Selling” wasn’t problably the best verb, I admit. But I’ve never mentioned Apple, I said “people selling”

    I was talking about the media in general, “selling” (announcing) it as a dslr like.

    Articles about whatever Apple generates clicks. Either fans or haters want to read it.