Apple Releases iOS 10.1 Download, with Portrait Mode for iPhone 7 Plus

Apple has just released iOS 10.1 for download, available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, including iOS 10.0.1 for Apple TV 4 and watchOS 3.1 for Apple Watch users.

iOS 10.1 includes Portrait mode for iPhone 7 Plus users, which simulates depth of field effects like what you see from higher-end dSLR cameras.

IMG 0199 PNG

Apple’s release notes for iOS 10.1 says public transport data is now available for Japan. Here’s what’s also new:


  • New option to replay bubble and full-screen effects
  • Messages effects can play with Reduce Motion enabled
  • Fixes an issue that could lead to contact names appearing incorrectly in Messages
  • Address an issue where Messages could open to a white screen
  • Addresses an issue that could prevent the report junk option from displaying with unknown senders
  • Fixes an issue here videos captured and sent in the Messages app could be missing audio

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